Why Chinese Wedding Venue in Sydney Serve Too Much Chinese Sea food

Why Chinese Wedding Venue in Sydney Serve Too Much Chinese Sea food?

One of these cultural trends is the Chinese wedding venue in Sydney which is arranging spectacular events for both the Chinese as well Australian community for years

Till today, the China-born population is the third-largest migratory inhabitants in Australia. As a result, the Increasing Chinese population causing an increase in Chinese culture in Australia. One of these cultural trends is the Chinese wedding venue in Sydney which is arranging spectacular events for both the Chinese as well Australian community for years.  

When it comes to Chinese food, we see the same graph. It means that the trend of Chinese food in Australia is increasing day by day. People of all nations in Australia can enjoy delicious Chinese cuisine. When you say Chinese food, nothing can be exempted from it. Especially when Chinese seafood is discussed, there is a lot of stuff to smear, toss, mix and finally eat. So, let’s have a brief look at amazing Chinese seafood 

Types of Seafood in Chinese Seafood Restaurant in Sydney   

Fried Eel Slices

This Chinese dish is regarded as a specialty of Hangzhou city. To create a characteristic flavour in the dish, eel slices that are stir-fried with garlic. It consists of eel slices that have a sour and sweet flavour. They are crispy on the outside while remaining tender juicy inside.

 Hangzhou chefs introduced a new method of cooking the dish in past years. They deep fry the eel slices until partly cooked, and to soften the skin, the slices then are stewed.

Fried Shrimps with Longjing Tea

This is especially popular in Hangzhou and is one of the best-known dishes of Zheijang cuisine that is served with outstanding Longjing tea. Large live shrimps are first soaked and marinated in egg whites, corn starch, and rice wine, and then braised along with steeped Longjing tea.

 To perfectly compliment the delicious white shrimps, the fragrant and refreshing green shoots of Longjing tea are also served. It gives this luscious dish an exquisite flavour. Hot or chilled, these stir-fried shrimps are obliged drizzled with the cooking oil and seasoned with salt and pepper to taste.

Phoenix Tail Shrimp

This is also a specialty of Anhui cuisine, which is consisting of crispy-fried, dipped shrimps. Freshwater shrimps have usually sourced to prepare the dish. They are shelled and deveined, but their tails remain intact. After cleaning, the shrimps are bettered with a coating of flour, water, and seasonings, leaving the tails exposed before they are fried to crispy perfection. This allows shrimps to get ‘tails bright red, crispy and tilted upward look which ultimately gives them a close similarity to a phoenix’s tail, as the name phoenix tail shrimp. Phoenix tail shrimps are usually enjoyed hot. Lemon wedges and a variety of dipping sauces on the side complement the dish beautifully. 

In China, these deep-fried crustaceans are typically eaten as snacks or appetizers.

Oyster Omelette 

This is the specialty of Chaozhou (Teochew) and the region of Fujian in China. A signature dish of the Hokkien people consists of small oysters battered in a mixture of potato starch and egg batter.

The Chinese chefs may add a sprint of spicy chilli sauce mixed with lime juice to intensify the taste of the whole dish. 

 Nowadays, this omelette is served with a sweet and spicy tomato sauce on the side very commonly. 

You Bao Xia

In common, it is known as stir-fry shrimps, another Chinese dish which is served in Chinese sea food restaurant in Sydney where whole shrimps are stir-fried in a wok until crispy. After that, crunchy shrimps are soaked in a savoury sauce consisting of chicken soup, black vinegar, sesame oil, sugar, and Shaoxing wine.

Depending upon the recipe or diner choice, scallions and ginger slices can be used during the cooking process or as garnishes before the dish is served. Stir-fry shrimps are especially popular at Chinese New Year celebrations and now becoming famous in the Australian community. 

Today, all these seafood are also popular options and served in Chinese sea food restaurant in Sydney.

Why Chinese Wedding Banquet Tradition is Continued 

Consisting of legal marriage, parade, tea ceremony, and dinner, Chinese weddings are traditionally multi-day events. Families and friends get together for a banquet once the legal ceremony has occurred. That way, the real festivities begin.

Being a couple to tie a knot with satisfaction and bliss, you require important suggestions for budgeting and finding a venue to uncover entertainment and happiness.  Here it is!

Book in Advance 

Making a reservation ahead of time can save you a lot of stress, time, and hassle. Map down; your choice, theme that you have with you fiancé, a budget that you both can afford, the number of guests you are planning to invite, food items, the decoration you wantS to see, and the music you want to play in the wedding hall. Planning all this with your fiancé will help you rejoice each and every moment of your big day. 

In Sydney, there are a variety of Chinese wedding venues. Nearly all have similar basic offerings. Chinese reception venues usually provide guest seating, decor, and dining options. Most of these offer customized managing service, with adjustable lighting, accommodations of space, and even entertainment options, including an in-house emcee and photo packages.

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