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7 Secrets Of Carpet Cleaning That No One Has Told You Today

These secrets are not as secretive and would need discovery by the common masses. You can consider them as the tips for getting a lavish carpet cleaning.

Whether you have children, have a guest night over or keep pets, your carpet will definitely be needing cleaning now and then. However, there are multiple secrets to carpet cleaning that the pro carpet cleaning companies keep to themselves. It is mostly due to their need to maintain their superiority in the market as the best services.

These secrets are not as secretive and would need discovery by the common masses. However, you can consider them as the tips for getting a lavish carpet cleaning results. Here are some of the secrets that professional carpet cleaners keep to themselves:

1- Use Blotting and Avoid Rubbing The Stains

Many of the carpet and home cleaning companies are skillful in their services as they avoid rubbing rigorously the stains on the carpet. Instead many of them use ‘Blotting’ that helps them to remove the stains as well as maintain the quality of the carpet. Blotting involves pressing of a slightly damp cloth over the stain while applying pressure that soaks up the stain and does not damage the fibers of the carpet. Using this technique, you can easily clean some of the stains by yourself and get professional results.

Rubbing Carpet Cleaning

2- Do Not Let The Stains To Settle

One of the many mistakes that people often commit is letting the stains to settle. This results in the stains becoming permanent as they sink further in the fibers of the carpet and results in permanence. Therefore, the foremost solution to your carpet cleaning needs is to avoid the stains to settle. You are well aware of the blotting and whenever any incident happens, the first thing to do is to blot out the stain.

Stains Carpet Cleaning

3- Dry It Out Good

Some people are reluctant of the drying their carpet out thoroughly in case they decide on cleaning it by themselves. However, this is the most common mistakes of all time. Professionals recommend drying out the carpet for at least an hour. It allows the fibers of the carpet to readjust as well as let the moisture evaporate from within. If this isn’t the case, the moisture stays within the carpet fibers and with continuous pressure from being stepped on, it results in musty smells as it harbors molds.

dry Carpet Cleaning

4- Spilled Wax? Torch It

Many people often hire carpet cleaners to help them with spilled candle wax as they are unable to remove it without damaging the fibers of the carpet. However, there is an easy answer to it. One can easily remove the wax by carefully heating the wax. In case you are thinking of torching it directly, then that option is not recommended as it is most likely that you will burn the carpet as well.

What you can do is place a cloth over the wax and then place a heated knife or an iron. This will melt the wax under the cloth and you can easily scrap it off using blotting.

Spilled Carpet Cleaning

5- Get Nanotech

One of the many innovations that have overtaken the world involves nanotech. This technology works similar to those ancient chain mail armors. They are composed of a chain in Nano-techs that stop particles from falling between the particles. There are multiple brands in the market that offer nanotech sprays, which can easily be sprayed.

nanotech Carpet Cleaning

6- Vacuum Regularly

Many companies don’t tell but vacuuming the carpet is really good for maintaining its health. It helps to remove the dust as well as mitigate the formation of the humidity within the carpet fibers. This not only stops any mold to form but also protects the fibers of the carpet adding to its extra years.

7- Rinse Thoroughly If You Plan On Doing It Yourself:

There’s a difference in washing the stained part of the carpet as well as rinsing the carpet. Many people think that using detergent and washing the stains rigorously will remove the stain. However, not only it will leave the carpet fibers damaged but there’s a high chance that you’ll be leaving the detergent in the carpet.

The problem occurs with the use of an immense solution of water and . This can be seen with the results as an average carpet should be dried within 4 hours on the average. However, if it takes longer, it is plausible that you may have not rinsed the stain properly. Go for rinsing not washing and get better results.

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