Renovate Your House

How to Renovate Your House?

Here we have tell about the renovation of home and also fixing & furnishing.

It is obvious that renovating a house is less difficult than building a new one. However, never underestimate the difficulty of such a project. Depending on the initial state of the house, a complete renovation may take several months, and require the use of many specialists.

Two schools compete then:

  • The use of artisans,
  • The self-construction.

Trust professionals

Trust professionals Renovate HOUSE

There is a whole range of construction professionals who can guide you and accompany you in the refurbishment of a house:

  • Architect,
  • Artisans all bodies of the state,
  • masons,
  • Plumbers,
  • Electric
  • Painters and renovators,

Do not hide it: resorting to craftsmen can easily double your renovation budget. However, some experts are essential, especially for plumbing or electrical work.

These will ensure you have an efficient installation and French construction standards.

To know: remember to contact an architect in the renovation. The latter will accompany you in all stages of renovation, help you find the right renovation companies, and supervise the work. It can also help you budget your project. In many cases, it allows you to save money on the cost of the work. 

Opt for self-construction

self-construction Renovate house

But for your renovation is the least expensive possible, the ideal remains to get your hands dirty. Self-construction allows you to make big savings in your work.

However, it has different disadvantages:

  • You must buy the materials and tools yourself.
  • Renovating your home alone requires a lot of free time.
  • You must learn about the different jobs to be done.
  • Some tasks require the use of an expert (renovate an electrical installation, redo the plumbing, etc.).

Our advice? Above all, take care of the easiest tasks: painting, laying wall coverings, small masonry work, etc. This allows you to keep a large budget for the most essential tasks.

The Steps Needed to Renovate an Old House

renovate an old house

The renovation of a building in ruins or in bad condition cannot be improvised. It is important to work step by step, and to plan the different stages of the project.

We will detail for you the different stages of work, in chronological order:

1) The expertise of the house

In the first place, it is important to diagnose the house to know the necessary work. The ideal is to practice this examination scrupulously before the purchase, not to be the victim of unpleasant surprises.

Different elements are to be examined:

  • Is the house isolated?
  • Is the electrical installation up to standard?
  • Is the gas installation up to standard?
  • Is a collective or individual sanitation system present?
  • What is the state of plumbing?
  • Should we break partitions and rearrange?
  • Disadvantages of symptoms of an overcharged home ac
  • How are floor coverings? Wall coverings?
  • Is there a parasitic infestation (termites, etc.)?

All this allows you to measure the scope of work, prioritize tasks and budget the whole. (Have your work done free of charge via our request for quotation form!)

Do not hesitate to make a list of the different rooms of the house, and to detail the necessary works in each of them.

To know: before the purchase, ask to consult the technical diagnoses of the property for sale. They can help you identify the weaknesses of a home, and the parties to work in particular. The technical diagnostics file (DDT) must be given to the buyer. You can also visit the house with an architect or craftsman, who can give you good advice regarding the purchase price or renovation.

renovate an old house

2) Cleaning and demolition work

Difficult to renovate a house still cluttered with the business of the former owner, or to work on elements in ruins.

In the first place, start by emptying the house of everything that clogs you, and destroy the walls (by checking that they are not carriers) or partitions if some are too damaged or if you want to rework the interior.

The idea is to work on the floor, then on the ground floor. This saves you from dirtying the ground floor again when you renovate the floors.

Remember to plan the removal of construction rubble.

Namely:If the asbestos diagnosis is positive, the very first step is to dismantle the house. This work can only be done by a certified asbestos removal company.

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