Mobile App Development Trends

Mobile App Development Trends to be Noted During 2019

In this digital era, there has been a great need for mobile apps as they are involved in most of our personal and professional lives. There is a list of apps to book cabs, for shopping, ordering food and thus the making our lives simple and they are also generating more profit in doing these things. 

The developers make the mobile application in such a manner it satisfies everyone. According to a recent report, mobile apps are estimated to generate about two billion dollars in the year 2020. In the year 2018, there was a great happening for the ultimate of the mobile app market. Now, based on the latest development and the recent trends, more and more can be witnessed in 2019. 

What are the recent predictions for mobile app development?

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is the backbone for the updated technology and at the same time, it is also growing each and every day. On the other side of the flip, the businesses have started to increase the power of the interconnected devices. The developers have bought huge change in the IoT space and it has bought a huge control for a list of devices with the aid of the Smartphone. 

The Smart devices are interconnected through the sensor along with the software which takes place in a network where there is a continual exchange data and it serves more and more purposes. The recent app of IoT in mobile app development is going to bring a major change in the digital market. It will automatically reduce the expenses and increase cybersecurity too. In the industrial field, healthcare is one of the best adopters for the IoT of mobile apps. 

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Augmented and Virtual Reality

Both the Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technologies deliver a better experience to the users in a realistic manner. Usage of both technologies is quite common in the unique field of the gaming space. The marketers are using this reliable technology to promote campaigns with the aid of mobile apps. In the upcoming days, the businesses along with these technologies to get involved with the customers and accelerate the buying process too. As the focus for the social media campaign enhances, the mobile apps are developed with both the important elements of augmented and virtual realities as they are an interactive one. As of now, Instagram and the Snap chat are more popular among the people globally as they are integrated with the AR filters.

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Chatbots Application

The Chatbots are already proved that they are an effective framework and it provides the consumers with the instant personalized response to the queries in real time. In the initial stage, the bots are used in the Slack and Skype etc. The advancement in Artificial Intelligence has made everything a possible one for the companies to incorporate the Chatbots into the native mobile applications. They can instantly enhance the functionality of the mobile apps too. There is more and more user engagement and also drives the app adoption across the enterprise. One of the greatest benefits of the Chatbots app is the user interaction which is a more accurate one. 

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Role of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence is a dominant technology and it has arrived a few years back. There are more and more aspects to be explored so that a business can go into a beneficial path. Nowadays, its implementation has already started to integrate with the machine learning apps. 

On the other side of the coin, they can also help in the development of the smarter mobile apps which can explore the data and deliver a better experience to the users and thus enhancing the user adoption. In the future, we can expect for the redefining of the mobile app development process in the field of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning. 

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The emergence of Immediate Applications

The user experience is one of the major elements for the success of the mobile app. The instant apps can do it and the search engine “Google” introduced them in the year 2016 and they started to become popular in the over time. Basically, these apps are the native mobile apps and there is no need to download in the Smartphone. 

The size is a compact one when compared to that of the regular apps and it provides the functionalities of a general website. Hence, there is a great user experience, as it does not consume the phone’s memory. These apps are easy to use and they can be shared with their friends too. Some of the examples are Time Crossword and the Sky scanner where the upcoming years can witness more and more instant apps emerging in a flexible manner. 


Nowadays, the wearable has become a necessary one and it is a considerable rise too in the concerned sales of the wearable devices. Most of them focus in the field of the personal health management and especially the wearable helps to track the progress just by updating in the series such as the calories burnt, heart rate and the blood pressure etc. Yes, no doubt they help to follow a better lifestyle along with the sleep schedule information too. 

Additionally, they become a health necessity for most of the people and it is a necessary style statement too. It is a needed awareness among the public pertaining to a healthy lifestyle. These devices need an app and there is a significant rise in a list of healthcare apps. The wearable technology is a one which is consumable and cost-effective too. 

An initial move from cash payment to mobile payment              

The ways of making the payments are changing day by day. Once it was cash, then cards and it has moved to pay tm and Google Pay. A recent report exclaims that the mobile wallet market is expected to be about seven billion dollars in the year 2023.

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