How To Stop Over Analyzing Your Relationship

At some point in our lives, we all have a tendency to overthink situations. Overthinking and over rationalizing your relationship can be a very tricky, slippery road

At some point in our lives, we all tend to overthink situations. Overthinking and over rationalizing your relationship can be a very tricky, slippery road to go down. is here to guide you through pulling yourself out of overthinking your relationship.


Overthinking turns you into a prisoner of your mind. The key to that prison is to communicate. The ability to communicate your thoughts and emotions is crucial to your relationship. Having a healthy relationship means airing your grievances and thoughts to your partner and being vulnerable enough to accept that they respect you and communicate back.

Stop The Behaviour When It Begins

Stressing out over how you are going to communicate is a form of overthinking. Instead of allowing yourself to be stuck in a never-ending loop of over analyses, stop the behavior as it begins. Use distractionary tactics to stop your mind from beginning the destruction. Rather talk about your feelings immediately, if it ends up in a fight, so be it. Your partner knows you well enough to get through a fight.

Work On Your Insecurities

Improving your self-confidence will silence the self-critic inside you and stop overthinking your relationship at the core. Most times, we overthink a situation, especially when it comes to love because we are insecure about ourselves. It may take some practice but boosting your self-esteem will make it easier for you to talk and will ensure that you feel your best.

Time Out

Spend time every day with yourself. Reflective, conscious meditation and time alone will help to keep you centered and clear your mind of negative thoughts. When you repeat a behavior it becomes a habit. Positive habits keep relationships healthy and your love alive. You are more likely to be able to control or stop overthinking your relationship if you are positive and happy.

Surround Yourself With Friends

Positive friends who reinforce positive behavior are essential in your life. When you feel yourself spiraling into over-analyzing or overthinking your relationship, get together with good friends. These people are your people and they will help to keep you centered and grounded while you pull yourself out of the loop.

Most Things Never Come To Pass

90% of what we think about never actually comes to pass. Our fears are mostly made up of imaginary scenarios created where the worst outcome is always at the fore. If you stop living for the future and start living in the present it becomes easier to rationalize your fears and stop overthinking a situation.

Self Improvement

Ask your partner what aspects, if any, need improvement in your relationship. Allow them to communicate their needs to you. If they do come up with any suggestions, you will have something positive to work towards that should keep your mind from analyzing the situation any further.

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