Important Factors that Influence the Cost of Magento eCommerce Store

Read our blog to know the important factors that impact the cost of Magento eCommerce store development.

For some years, eCommerce development has sparked our eyes!

Indeed, this has opened up several business opportunities, but at the same time has given a competitive edge to online retailers.

Now, they need to work on finding the right solution for optimizing the services and products online. That is desirable only to stay ahead in the eCommerce market.

You must know about the eCommerce platforms that are a helping hand for many. And, yes, it can be for you as well!

Magento is one of those influential ones. There are 12% of online retail stores; that is, 25000 Magento stores are live on the Internet.

The reason for such popularity lies in the features that it holds. It only offers this, however, gives multiple optimization tools for enhanced functionality.


Even if it provides several advantages, many businesses do not prefer to use it. Why? Cost is the reason!

Creating a simple Magento online store costs approximately $2000. The custom Magento website costs vary from $2000 to $40000. Even the full or basic customized are highly liked by businesses, however, Magento Enterprise Cost ranges between $1,00,000-$2,00,000 is typical.

As it is definite that the Input cost of Magento increases, the hidden advantages convert the website as viable. Magento eCommerce development services let businesses have a perfect user experience. In addition, more security results in a higher conversion rate, and countless customization become competitive in the near future.

How is Magento eCommerce development more popular?

  • Shows an unlimited catalog with great ease

  • Higher Page Loading Speed

  • Natural Search Engine Optimization

  • Easy and smooth navigation with one-click login

  • Easily accessible Dashboards

  • Product management

  • Integrated B2B

  • Compliant shopping cart system

  • The easy business process from product listing to shipping

  • Simple API integration

Magento website development cost

There are many products that Magento holds; the one according to the preference can be chosen. Every product includes various development costs with unique features.  Check out the below to dig in deep:

  • Freelancer

The range of hiring the Freelancer starts from $10 to $200 per hour.  This option is cheaper than others because you only pay for what you get.  The expert freelancer gives support even after the project delivery.  Also, it is advisable to do a thorough search before hiring the one for a better experience.   In addition, the cost of hiring a freelancer differs according to reputation, experience, and area.  It would be better if the freelancer will be hired from a country that provides services at an economical price.

  • In-house Magento Development Team

The range of hiring the Freelancer starts from $60,000 to $,120,000 per year.   Many medium-sized and large enterprises go with the Magento development team to have a hold of the rapid store-level changes and enhancements.  The benefit of the development team is that it gives better control of the development cycle and a quick turnaround team.

Magento Enterprise Edition and Magento Community Edition in-house development costs are almost the same.  Like, if you will hire a web developer with less experience, then, the budget would be approximate $60,000 to $80,000/year. The developer cost will increase year after year.   The salary could reach around $120,000/year for the experienced developer.

  • Web Development Agency

The range of hiring the Magento website development company starts from $25 to $200 per hour.   This option is costlier than all. But, we cannot neglect the benefit it holds- professionalism and high quality. After hiring the Magento developers, you can work with specialists who are highly skilled in Magento eCommerce Development.   It also gives you the benefit to experience business consultations that add value to the online store. The companies only charge as per the development team experience and the development portfolio value.

Factors that influence the Magento eCommerce store

Even if you are creating a new online store or are integrating or upgrading the stores, many factors are there that influence the cost of Magento website development. Also, they will choose the Magento product type that they would like to use. Magento holds several native features, you might require customizations or be better suited for the Magento Enterprise version.

Keep on reading to know the various factors that can influence the Magento website development cost. Check out:

1. Enterprise size

It directly harms the budget and experience for Magento development cost.  For Small or Large enterprises, Custom or basic versions are best.  For the big companies, the Enterprise type is a better option.

2. Third-party

If you are considering integrating, then,  you need to find out the number of third-party systems that combine with the Magento 2 website.  This third-party system includes PIM systems, shipping, accounting, drop-ship, etc.

3. Website brand

You should know if you want to re-platform or create a new one.

4. SKUs

It influences the Magento development cost directly.  So, you have to find out the exact number of  SKUs you would like to include.

5. Migration

The compatibility of an eCommerce website is a factor that manages complicated data migration. The ability includes pricing data,   customer integration, data normalization, product data (rich data, dimension data, group/configurable/custom products), data manipulations (updating, merging, cleaning).


Magento includes the template set (custom theme) and the purchased theme suffices.  You need to find out the one that your website requires.  Moreover, you should know if advanced mobile templates, such as AMP pages, custom data sets, adaptive templates, theme customization in magento are required to be included.

7. Marketing

It is important to define the marketing integration specifications such as social media integration, autoresponders, email integration, etc.

8. Fulfillment

Order fulfillment is the need of every online business. So, this factor is essential in the Magento development cost as well. You have to choose if the website requires managing complicated shipping rules, like warehouse shipping configurations. Additionally, you have to consider payment choices that influence the revenue directly. The payment methods mean multiple currency support, tax configuration, advanced tax pricing extension, and gift cards, etc.

Concluding Remarks

Magento is one of the best eCommerce platforms out there.  The features it has, make it highly chosen for business intelligence, integrated B2B,   store fulfillment,  user experience, page builder, etc.

Because Magento includes several plans, it is economical for businesses of every size. Several factors are there that influence the Magento web development cost.   There is a need to look after the factors carefully and select the right plan to improve the eCommerce operations.

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