Improve Your Life By Learning Rubik's Cube

Improve Your Life By Learning Rubik’s Cube

Have you ever thought about how the Rubik’s cube is multifaceted, not just literally but metaphorically too. In addition to an amazing pastime, it also helps improve your personality in various ways. You will find various ways during which the cubes help in improving and rejuvenating. Visit here for a huge sort of cube puzzle, one of the India’s largest sellers of puzzles online. This article highlights what you gain if you know how to unscramble the cube!

1.     Helps in retaining memory

There are specific formulae called algorithms to solve the cube faster. The steps or algorithms that you use to solve the cube, builds your muscle memory. This in turn helps you to remember data easily. Therefore, memorization capacity is enhanced. Try to remember all the steps. A lot of companies use the Rubik’s cube test to screen candidates and measure their aptitude and skill as a part of their recruitment process.It will help you pick up an eidetic memory, which is a virtue most lack.

2.     Helps to overcome obstacles

The basis of the idea of a cube puzzle is to solve the tiles till you achieve a fully solved cube.  This prepares the brain for a more goal oriented approach. This in turn helps to focus on the problem solving ability. It compels you think about which is the most efficient way to solve the puzzle. It additionally instructs how to jump the hurdles because of the foresight. This in turn helps the brain to focus in a specific manner. It enables to lead an efficient lifestyle too.

3.     Faster reflex action

When you solve the cube fast or at least try to do it as rapidly as possible, it leads to faster reflexes. Or if you apply your efforts to get 3 moves/second, you will have a better impulse to it. In different streams, like reading and noticing minute stuff, this ability plays a significant  role. It makes you more observant. Therefore,  you get quick reflexes in solving puzzles and real life.

4.     Helps to become more tolerant 

In the beginning, you’ll find it a little bit difficult to unscramble the cube. There will be instances, where you are in a rut or a very confusing position.To such an extent you’ll be frustrated. Solving the cube helps to develop your patience level. It makes you try until you achieve your goal. It gets you out of the  jittery phase.Gradually, you become more patient towards the method of unscrambling the cube.

5.     Helps you to become more confident 

A compound of skills, ability and sheer determination is all you require to solve the cube. If the cube would be compared, it would be like an open book, lacking anything which is covered up.. With proficiency, you will feel more confident. A lot of people believe in luck. It is false. Hardwork and determination are the most important aspects to unscramble the cube perfectly. Therefore, the learning from solving the cube is that it helps to have faith in yourself. There are times in your life where you will be daunting yourself with self-doubt. It could be anything in your life. In times like these, the cube teaches you to be confident in your own skin.

6.     Helps in long term planning

Plan your future steps. They help a lot. Chalking out is a part of solving the cube. Therefore, you  must focus on the bigger plan, the implementation and execution. Thus, sit down and figure out what the next step is going to be.

7.     Helps in agility

It helps your fingers become more agile. In today’s technology-driven world, we would like agility to type faster. It helps to avoid bone related diseases like arthritis. Come to think of it, one cube, so many solutions. 

8.     Helps in socialising

Many people find it difficult to approach others. They are shy or hesitant. With the ability of solving the cube, it makes a lot easier to interact with other people, irrespective of their age. There is a lot of exposure in this sense. There are tournaments which exposes you to a similar crowd. 

9.     Is a perfect mode to relax

To solve the cube, you use up each and every bit of your brain cells. It keeps us busy so that we forget our worries for that time. This is a great way to relax.

10.    Helps in developing motor control

It helps in matching your speed of the brain with your physical movement. Rubik’s cube helps in achieving this. It gives better coordination with hand and eye, which helps in other activities and sports too.

Happy Cubing!

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