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Hindi courses for adults 

1.Spoken Hindi Crash Course (5 weeks course classes on                   alternate   days)

2.Spoken Hindi Extended Course (3 months course two classes        per  week)

3. Complete Hindi Course – Reading, writing, speaking – 6                months   (3 hours of classes per week)

4.Weekend Course for Working Professionals – Duration                  depends    on the course


Hindi Courses for kids

1. School Tuition – We follow school curriculum and provide            tuition for children (three classes per week)

2. Spoken Hindi – Three months course – 3 hours per week



 1.Hindi is an Indian language with Indo-Aryan origin derived          from Sanskrit.

 2.It is one of the two official languages of India and a few                 Indian states and Union

3. Learning Hindi makes life easy in any part of India and Asia         Job opportunities with the Central Government sectors are            high.

4. we are provided learning Hindi online language courses India

5. Learning Hindi along with the knowledge of your mother             tongue  gives students an edge over their friends family in             professional personal pursuits


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