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Indian Train: Your Best Travel Partner for Train Journey

The usual problems that train travel brings with it can leave travelers stressed. Train offers a wide range of services that have been helpful to many travellers.

Indian Train is a leading train enquiry platform for Indian Railways passengers that provides a slew of services to make train journeys more comfortable and enjoyable. Its extensive services include live PNR status checking, train schedule inquiry, seat availability check, coach position enquiry, and many more.

Train journey has its usual set of troubles that leave the passengers stressed, but not any longer. Indian Train, with its wide-ranging services, has aided many travelers in providing solutions for every query related to train travels, along with the facilities of ordering food for the journey online.

Indian Train understands the needs of travelers, so the features are designed accordingly to provide a great solution for pleasant travel. Its online train enquiry facilities like PNR status, live train running status, platform enquiry, train fare enquiry etc., have transformed the way people travel. It is helping train passengers with its umbrella of train services, and thus, there is no need to hop from one website to another in search of any train-related information.

With the Indian Train, you can access various features and travel at ease. Let us discuss the features of this web app.

Track PNR Status:

Check PNR status is an exclusive feature of Indian Train that helps you know the PNR status of your train ticket- confirmed, waitlisted, and RAC. It has artificial Intelligence that returns accurate results for the online PNR status enquiry. Now you can surely stay updated with any change in the PNR status before commencing your journey.

PNR confirmation probability:

The PNR confirmation probability service is simply an added advantage for last-minute travel decisions. The feature help passengers who plan to travel with a waitlisted ticket in making an informed decision. It gives the possibility of confirmation of your waitlisted ticket and thus saves your time and energy.

Train Time Table and Train Schedule:

The train time table can be tracked online, and detailed information regarding the train schedule can be accessed using the Indian Train. You can access information such as the railway station code and name, arrival and departure time, running day, halting duration, and the distance covered.

Live Train Status: 

Train Travel

The live train status feature displays the current location of your train. Numerous apps provide the live train status of your train, but Indian Train provides the most up-to-date result of your enquiry. You can get real-time updates regarding the live train running status, including the current location of the train, estimated arrival and departure time, expected delays, along the number of platforms on which train arrive.

Train between Stations:

Worried about which train to take when visiting a new location? Don’t worry. Indian Train has a solution for every problem. You can check the train schedules between your source and destination stations to find the best train on your route and plan your journey accordingly. Trains between stations feature will undoubtedly assist you in not missing any trains on your track and planning your subsequent journey.

Availability of Seat:

Seat availability of train can be checked online through the interface of Indian Train. This help you in getting the confirmed ticket by giving you the information of the total number of available seats.

Fare Enquiry of Trains:


Check the details about the fare of trains based on varied classes from Indian Train. The breakup fare of the train ticket includes the reservation charges, superfast train charges, service tax and the other miscellaneous charges.

Train Coach Position

Check Train Coach Position of any Train of Indian Railways to know the position of your coach on platform to avoid chance of missing the train in order to board at train. If you want to know check railway coach position, simply check coach positionof your train online.

Platform locator

Platform locator gives you the correct platform number on which train usually arrives, you can check your train’s platform number at station with the help of train platform locator available of Indian Train. I suggest you to check Platform Number on the Indian Train website as it provides you with accurate data.

Live Station Arrival and Departure

You can check the different arriving trains at your desired station between different time schedules, that is, in the next 2 hours, 4 hours and 8 hours with the help of live staton status.

Recognition of Indian Train by Train Passengers

According to the most of the train travelers, “Users love Indian Train due to its several features. They can do a lot with Indian Train App such as to check PNR status, timetable of the trains, and train running status”. Further, this brand has successfully served lakhs passenger since its launch.

The Indian Railways is considered to be an important means of transportation in the country. It is considered to be spreading its reach to every nook and corner of India. For making the journey of railways inclusive of more convenience, Indian Train was launched in the year 2021. The app and website of Indian Train have been proving to be quite useful for the passengers of Indian Railways. Since its inception, millions of train passengers have been using its web portal and app for planning the journey.

Indian Train has been successfully assisting passengers in making travel through trains in the country easier. It is considered to be an all-in-one solution for travellers who love trains for traveling.

This train enquiry application is available on the Google Play Store and Apple Store. Both Android and iOS users can install the Indian Train app for their upcoming journey through railways.


The interface of the Indian Train App is good in terms of easy access, simple navigation, smart color use and proper design. This is why you should not have just any train travel app on your mobile, but only the Indian Train. It is an innovative and helpful platform for train travel-related information that sorts out all your inquiries in one place. Yes, it has agglomeration features such as live train running status, PNR status enquiry, seat availability and of course, more. Use it now to feel the difference!

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