Before presenting ourselves to a fair with a stand, many doubts of all kinds come to mind. Among them is whether to attend with individual stands or with a group. From Image Line Exhibition, experts in creating stand for fairs, we will solve it for you. Keep reading!

When we talk about attending an exhibition fair, we will go to stand out from the competition, offer a better image and show that we are a better option for our potential clients. Therefore, if we mention group stand we do not mean a joint stand between competitions, but the possibility that several brands from a matrix share a stand. Or, that each goes separately with individual stands.

This is a very valid option, but it is only possible if in our portfolio we have several brands operating in the same sector. However, the most normal is to attend individually, so it is necessary to promote the use of individual stands.

With the use of this type of stands, we can segment our audience even better. So, when you come to ask us about our company, we can know exactly what you want and need to hear.

Optimal segmentation

Exhibition Fairs

Another strong point in terms of individual stands is that the image of the company will not have to be altered with a UK exhibition stand that does not fit. That is to say:


For example, we have two brands, one associated with the gray color and positioned as a technology brand; and another green and with an image more concerned with the environment. If we both put them in a group stand, materials, colors, brochures, posters and, even, public, would be very different. With what we would have to invest more to ensure that the union of both brands does not have a negative impact.

If on the contrary, and taking the previous example, we attend the same fair, but with the brands in individual stands, we could get to do totally antagonistic things. Use of green, crystals and recycled wood in one; and use of aluminum, gray and technological luminaire in the other.

Exhibition Fairs

Therefore, when we want to attend a fair, we must analyze the situation well, study the marketing strategy and, once all the options have been investigated, assess whether a group stand or better individual stands should be more appropriate.

Do you have an exhibition fair coming soon? Do you need some kind of modular exhibition stand? Group or maybe individual stands? Do not worry. In InfoStand we have the solution, contact us now and we will prepare you the next assistance to a fair. You just have to worry about succeeding.


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