Things To Consider Before Live Streaming Townhall Meetings

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Live streaming solutions have seen rapid growth in recent years and has offered various platforms to stream live. The advanced technology has been further used for corporate meetings to engage a large audience at a time. A company should opt for Live streaming solutions for town hall meetings which should be accessible to all the employees of the office. To live webcast town hall meetings, various factors such as video quality, network, security and so on comes under consideration.

Company meetings and events are an important aspect for any company, and gathering all the employees at a time is a challenging task. To instill your company culture and to replicate in house energy in the event or to schedule a meeting on an important project, skype is not the solution anymore.

Live streaming of townhall meetings is a solution to give a stimulating experience to the whole team. It is one-way high-quality video communication. Security and a strong build network connection is a must when you plan to live webcast town hall meetings. Townhall meetings live streaming, is a bit more complex than just going live on Facebook and Instagram. Let’s discuss how to approach live streaming solutions for town hall meetings and things to consider before live webcasting town hall meetings.

Have a look at 4 things to consider while streaming live for town hall meetings:

1. A Strong Network Connection –

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To live webcast town hall meetings, a strong network connection is a must. When a company plans to live stream a meeting or an event, it is anticipated that a large no. of people will tune in during the live stream. When too many people stream live, it requires a strong network optimization. The strain will be caused on the corporate network when many people tune in during live streaming, which in result brings the network down. Some companies after facing an increase in the difficulty of town hall meetings live streaming, drastically reduced the video resolution, which has even not proved to be the solution either. WAN optimization is the best solution for live streaming events for an organization, where a large number of employees can tune in without affecting the bandwidth. WAN optimization accommodates the needs of customers by reducing network constraints when a company plans to live webcast town hall meetings.

2. Make The Live Stream Interactive And Engaging 

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After opting for the right network to optimize your live streaming event, engaging the audience comes into consideration. To engage an audience with your live webcast town hall meetings, your live stream should be interactive, which will evoke interest in viewers and give them an awesome viewing experience. An interactive session, live chats, real-time commenting, polls, flash sales, etc. adds life to your live streams videos while engaging viewers during the live webcast of townhall meetings. An interactive live stream allows your viewers to take interest and stay tuned in until the live stream lasts.

3. Live Stream Events on Demand – 

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Scheduling a Live webcast of a town hall meeting is a complex task when the organization is large. During a town hall meetings live streaming, all the employees can’t tune in at the same time. By making the live streaming video available on-demand, it can be reached to the employees who missed it, because of a busy schedule or an important work assignment allocated to them. They can view the live webcast on-demand and get the message across, which is being delivered during the live webcast of a town hall meeting. An organization must seek an alternate in how much time a video can be made available on-demand and on which mode it should be made available, it entirely depends on the stats of an organization. The main objective of an organization should be to make the live videos accessible to its employees as much possible, to fulfill the motive of webcasting town hall meetings.

Townhall meetings generally last for a longer duration, opting for a right town hall meeting streaming company is recommended, which will help you in having a non-buffering on-demand live streaming experience and make it easy for viewers to view the portion that’s of there use.

4. Security is the Key –


Security is a key factor while planning any live stream. Determining the layers you need to secure, during the live webcast of town hall meetings is a must. How granular should be the security configurations of your live stream? It entirely depends on the organizational dynamics.

But the important fact remains securing your live streams. There are a variety of options available that make sure that your stream is private. Configuring SSO on internal live streaming players ensures that the player is embedded. The content streaming through it will only be accessible to certain users. Selecting the right measure is the call of an organization.


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