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How to Utilize Instagram for Boosting Your E-Commerce Marketing

The popular photo-sharing social media platform has proved to be immensely beneficial to e-commerce businesses in promoting their brands, creating social media presence, boosting engagement, and driving more traffic to e-commerce sites. Retailers have been flocking Instagram Boosting to harness the power of the platform and grab the attention of Instagram’s 1 billion user base. Not only big brands but even smaller e-commerce merchants could take the fullest advantage of this robust social media platform and enjoy its benefits galore. Here are a few smart ideas to use Instagram effectively for promoting products, highlighting e-commerce retail brands etc.

Incorporate Stunning Instagram Boosting Pictures into Your E-Commerce Site


You could consider using the striking Instagram pictures on your e-commerce site to grab the attention of the visitors to your online site. Take the case of jewelry e-store Baublebar that had started an Instagram Boosting campaign in 2014, using a widget strategically on the home page for showcasing pictures taken by their loyal customers flaunting the jewelry brand’s merchandise. When the visitors clicked on a photo, a pop-up window would be appearing displaying the jewelry in the picture, with a link that directed users to the site’s product page.

Consider Selling via Instagram

Instagram usually never allows users to consider embedding live hyperlinks alongside pictures. This generally proves to be challenging for businesses to provide easy and smart clicks directed to the pertinent product pages within the e-commerce website. Four effective app providers namely, Inselly, Soldsie, 10Sec, and Instaorders found effective ways of retrofitting the platform for making it a perfect sales platform. In this context, you must keep in mind that even if Instagram never recognizes hyperlinks, you are not under any compulsion to not use them. By selling through Instagram, you could gain real Instagram followers.

Display Pictures of Customers Using the E-Commerce Brands or Products


One way to grab potential customer attention is by posting pictures of customers using the specific products. For instance, Warby Parker, eyeglass retailer implements this effective technique pretty frequently. One such customer-generated content included a picture showing the customer packing for a vacation or trip abroad and her favorite Warby Parker glasses was being packed too for the trip abroad. An innovative way of displaying products is simply by using high-quality, high-resolution lifestyle pictures from real-life settings.

Consider Running a Contest

Contests are extremely effective ways of engaging users on this social media platform. For instance, we know of Diamond Candles, the e-commerce brand runs photo contests on Instagram. The contest featured a ring candle. In order to be eligible for the contest users on Instagram were told to follow Diamond Candles and go on tagging three friends specifically in the comments section. Ultimately, a winner was chosen by the brand from the entries. In this context, you must know that relatively smaller retailers could consider using platforms such as Iconosquare and Offerpop for creating photo contests. Do not forget to include a contest-related hashtag along with each campaign.

Consider Promoting New Products

Instagram Vs Facebook

Promoting featured or new products could be an effective way of maximizing Instagram’s value. For example, Birchbox demonstrates new products using Instagram. This is a reputed beauty subscription service online. Birchbox utilizes Instagram for showcasing pictures of products to be included in upcoming boxes.


We have discussed some of the chief ways of using Instagram Boosting for boosting e-commerce brands. You could effectively use behind-the-scenes pictures, celebrate the special festive seasons, and make the fullest use of Instagram’s brilliant video capabilities to boost e-commerce business.

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