Casual Outfits

Keeping up with the Casual Look: Styling tip for Casual Outfits

The casual look is all about relaxing and choosing for a personal statement. While comfort is a priority of Casual Outfits clothing we can’t deny the importance of the statement we create through casual clothing as it expresses our aesthetic, choices and understanding. In a way, casual dresses tell a lot about the personality of an Individual. We all are work in progress that lead to different choice, different path and different casual wear from what we have opted in past. There are chances we don’t like the same outfit that we loved a few years back. There are chances we utterly admire the old outfit that was detested a few years back, so it’s all part of the journey. Now coming to the part of casual wear, as casual wear is part of personal expression and ease, here are some tips to build better statement through casual dresses and Casual Outfits.

  • Teaming your short dress with shoes 

short dress with shoes

The short or knee-length dress looks cool and smart. Shoes come with extreme comfort, the pairing of casual dress with shoes look supremely smart and funky. This is the perfect look for an easy comfortable outing or when you are going the countryside on a long road trip.

  • Mid-length dresses with sneakers Casual Outfits

dresses with sneakers

You can pair your mid-length or ankle length casual dress with sneakers. This look is a fabulous blend of comfort and style. One of the pairings that work as office wears as well as Casual Outfits wear. You can wear this ensemble on special occasions such as a client meeting or a date day.

  • Kurti with jeans

Kurti with jeans dress

You can team your kurta with jeans that bring utmost ease and comfort. A perfect outfit for office when all you are looking for is the sober day. You can enhance the look with some boho earring or necklace if you want.

  • Palazzo with top and tunic

Palazzo with top dress

You can team up cotton pant or cotton palazzo with top and tunic, or tunic tops for women etc. These are one of evergreen style. You can choose for the same on the same look for this ensemble that looks classy and sophisticated.

  • Crop top with palazzo

Crop top with palazzo dress

The ensemble of crop top and Palazzo is trendy and smart in look. We would suggest you go for antifat crop top for an easier look. The kind of look and comfort this ensemble has, this look is going to stay for the long term. You can try different styles with a crop top and palazzo, like same on same, contrast pairing or printed ensemble.

  • Crop top with a skirt

Crop top with a skirt dress

Apart from Palazzo, you can team the crop top with a skirt, the ensemble looks sophisticated and comfortable to wear. This is one of the ensembles that goes perfectly with office meeting as well.

  • Kurta and Palazzo

Kurta with palazzo is an easy and smart ensemble. This is one the widely followed ensemble by the working women in India. It looks perfect as Casual Outfits wear and office wear. To bring some uniqueness in your styling of kurta and Palazzo you can go for same on the same ensemble that looks classy or choose for pestle shade and small print. You can check out a handcrafted collection of kurta and palazzo that bring earthy feel and uniqueness along with them

  • Jeans with top

Jeans with top dress

Another widely accepted Casual Outfits wear for women. In a variety of casual top, we would suggest you choose cotton top or printed top with ant fitor flare cut pattern. This pattern keeps your mind off from fear of showing up of bulges! Also, they give you an easy breezy feel with a confident look.

As per your personal interest, you can choose different Casual Outfits to look such as easy and comfortable, or relax and stylish etc. Our suggestion includes all these aspects. You can check out the amazing collection of Casual Outfits dresses, top, skirt, palazzo online at Bebaak Studio.

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