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For years Yoga was considered an age-old practice rooted in Indian Philosophy, stretching & contriving the body in weird poses, called “Aasanas”. But now Yoga is being practiced by mankind all over the world, in various forms & names. Yoga works on the well-being of mind, body & spirit. It has a lot more to do than sitting cross legged & meditating. 

Yoga is now defined as a Fitness workout by the new agers & celebrities which combines breathing & physical exercises, but it has way more than that. In today’s fitness world, Yoga is rapidly embraced as an additional way to bring endurance & body strength. To achieve this body strength & endurance much practice is required.  

Practicing yoga regularly helps to integrate the Body, Mind & Soul in “unison” for which maximum effort & practice is necessary. While attaining or experiencing this mind, body, and soul integration will help in strengthening the body, give clarity to the mind, and will help in expanding the conscious awareness of the spirit and soul. 


The body is a Physical aspect of the human being, which consists of organs, cells, tissues, muscles, etc. The body is the first element of beginning yoga. Performing asanas by forming postures involving bodily movements can help in making the muscles stronger and more flexible. Also practicing yoga for a long time can help in improving the overall body fitness and nurture the soul. 


When it comes to sitting on the mat, folding hands, and performing asanas, following the breathing flow, with eyes closed, Yoga is incredibly beneficial. It makes the body do wonders with its flexibility and posture. 

It nurtures our body by 

  • Improving Flexibility 
  • Correcting posture 
  • Increases body strength & durability 
  • Providing balance in both physical and mental 
  • Boosts immunity
  • Proper sleep cycle 

When practiced in the longer run, the results are promising and are beneficial for overall health. As yoga is not constrained as a workout for good health, it’s a practice that each of us can do every day. 


The mind is a powerful at the same time emotional aspect of our system. The ideas and thought process which control our body originates from the mind. In such cases, Yoga helps in elevating the mood, cleaning the spirit, invigorating the body, and finally sharpening our mind. With regular practice of yoga, one can overcome anxiety and stress. In our day-to-day life, we come across so many problems that affect our mental health and can make us feel powerless. 

Practicing yoga can help to dispose of the junk that is in the mind and empower it with positive vibes, a clear mind with full concentration, and prepares our body & mind for a change to come. This stage can’t be reached without a lot of effort to bring the mind under our control. Regular practice of meditation may help in achieving our goal. 


The mind, body, soul, and spirit are the components that collectively comprise and define our human body. If the body suffers, the mind automatically feels disturbed and gives mixed emotions to the body, causing physical pain. So all the components, form together to transform into a better human being. 

Yoga fulfills this purpose to combine mind – body – soul – spirit by diving deep into the pool, by creating a purpose for this life. 


The secret way to realize our own identity is through the tremendous practice of meditation, developing a routine for physical well-being, and keeping the mind fresh with new ideas and experiences to get a whole understanding of our being.

The tool to realize and renew ourselves is by indulging in Yoga in day-to-day life, which provides a transition for the whole body: Asanas for Body, breathing exercises for the spirit, and finally, Meditation for the mind to slowly understand itself. 

As one slowly continues the practice of Yoga, there will be a multi-dimensional version of the human body, which will start integrating into a single system. Simply put each person will become their own MASTER FOR THEIR OWN SELF.  


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