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Is Kidney Disease Treatment in Ayurveda Effectual?

Kidney diseases counted as one of the dangerous diseases in the world due to which a lot of people had died.

As an ancient science like Ayurveda offers a kind of methods to treat and heal kidney-related problems.  Kidney disease treatment in Ayurveda is also known as a natural process which has the power to recover your kidneys functions. Karma Ayurveda which is one of the foremost ayurvedic treatment centers in Delhi, provide you with kidney disease treatment in Ayurveda. Dr. Puneet Dhawan uses natural herbs as an ingredient of the treatment which is important in treating the kidney disease.  In Karma Ayurveda, Doctor Puneet Dhawan cure high creatinine with natural herbs, increase the eGFR level, control the causes of kidney disease, and prevent the symptoms of kidney- related disorders. 

What can be the possible causes of kidney disease?

There are various complexities linked with kidney diseases, but an individual with underlying difficulties is at a higher risk of kidney damage and kidney failure. Some of the causes of kidney related problems, such as – 

  1. High Blood Pressure – When a person is suffering from high blood pressure his heart may not able to pump blood, this can cause harm to the blood transforming vessels of the kidney. 
  2. Diabetes – When a person with high sugar level doesn’t take the right treatment, which in turn destroys the blood vessels of the kidney. That is the reason why everyone with diabetes should take kidney disease treatment in Ayurveda from Dr. Puneet Dhawan because he works on heals the causes of the disease. 
  3. Infection in the urinary tract – When a person is suffering from urine problem, he or she needs to take some precautions and concern to the doctor because it may cause you kidney disease and kidney failure. 
  4. Excess use of painkillers – When a person use over the counter medications can also harm the kidneys. 
  5. High protein intake – When a person notices a high amount of protein in the urine that indicates damaged kidney filters. This is occurring because your kidneys are not healthy enough to hold protein. 
  6. High creatinine level – When a person has been suffering from high creatinine level that means something is not happing well with the kidneys. High creatinine increase when the kidneys are not able to function well to filter wastes. 

Why choose kidney disease treatment in Ayurveda from Dr. Puneet Dhawan? 

Disease Treatment

Allopathic doctors are not able to cure the health of the kidney that is the reason why people with kidney disease, prefer kidney disease treatment in Ayurveda from Dr. Puneet Dhawan. Ayurveda is a natural method to improve the output of the kidney and enhance overall well being. Dr. Puneet Dhawan Ayurveda nephrologists use pure herbs that help to keep facilitate urine production and prevent waste from growing inside the kidneys. The ayurvedic herbs have healing effects on the kidney and reduce the risk circumstance of damage without any side effects. 

Following are the herbs Doctor Puneet Dhawan use to heal kidney disease or disorder – 

  • Shirish
  • Varunadi Vati
  • Punarnava
  • Kaasni
  • Gokshuradi Guggul

Doctor Puneet Dhawan not only works on to heal the disease but also provide you with the medication to stop the difficulties connected with the kidney. He heals a high creatinine level with natural herbs and enhances the eGFR level without dialysis. 

The diet for kidney patient- 

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Diet is essential for a person with kidney disease, but there is no particular eating plan that is best for everyone with kidney disease. What you can and cannot consume will shift over time depending on how much kidney functions you have. If you have diabetes or high blood pressure, then the diet for you will adjust accordingly. Let’s go ahead to learn how to pick meals that are right for you. 

  1. Protein Intake –Your body needs protein to build muscles, repair tissues, and fight infections but a kidney patient requires observing how much protein you consume in your food. The patients who are getting kidney disease treatment in Ayurvedaare keeping the level of protein in their food.
  2. Reduce salt intake –It raises the level of blood pressure, which is not great for a person with kidney disease and may lead you to kidney failure.
  3. Calories – It’s like ammunition for your body because it is a good source of energy you require to live.  Dr. Puneet Dhawan Ayurveda nephrologists provide you with the appropriate diet plan which provides you with enough calories you require every day

Most of the people get a permanent solution for kidney disease in Karma Ayurveda and are living a healthy life by consuming a wide assortment of foods every day.  That is the reason why people prefer to take kidney disease treatment in Ayurveda from Dr. Puneet Dhawan Ayurveda Nephrologist. He is one of the leading kidney specialists in India, who successfully cured more than 35000 kidney patients.

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