Is SEO an Ongoing Process?

SEO is quite an intimidating task. Most people consider it a one-time activity. Is it so? Check out this article to find out.

Search Engine Optimisation is one of the most lucrative cum intriguing processes in Digital Marketing. Though SEO takes time and consistency but is always beneficial and worth it for many businesses.

SEO is an Ongoing Process and not a one-time thing as it is ever-changing and must be done by Google’s Algorithm to sustain the rankings for the desired period.

SEO Company do offer one-time SEO packages but it is ideal for the technical side of SEO and “Site repair” but does not apply to rankings and conversions.

For better businesses must opt for Monthly SEO Packages as it assures them rankings, leads, conversions, sales, and ultimately profit to them. Here are the Top 5 Reasons why SEO is an Ongoing Process and why businesses must invest in SEO for a long time:

1. Google Algorithm Changes

Changes in Google Algorithm happen very frequently and it is hard as well as time-consuming to keep up with this. Few SEOs have been spamming the internet andGoogle does a great job at eliminating such practices to make the internet great again but with this, almost all websites in the world get affected which leads to harm to businesses all around the globe. SEO experts do a great job at keeping up with Google’s frequent updates to assist businesses.

These algorithm updates often instruct SEOs to make the necessary changes which lead to constant upgrades in the SOPs as well as the formulated procedures for different websites.

2. Competition

Competition in the Search Engine Rankings Page is often seen in today’s world as more and more businesses get online to compete in the market after this great reset. Customers are looking online for products, services, and even information about services. If your website ranks on the 2nd page, no one notices your business website and hence no customers to your business.

SEOs with the help of premium tools reverse engineer what the competitors are doing and hence make necessary updates to your website that moves your business up in the rankings of SERPs.

3. Scalability

When a campaign is successful every business grows exponentially provided everything is done correctly. With this, your website needs more advanced SEO implementations and great-looking Web Design with more costs are involved. If these implementations are not done then a website may fall off the cliff as competitors may see this as a great opportunity.

With time a business entirely depends on SEO for its marketing as it is driving traffic from Google to sell its products/services online. This leads to justify SEO as an ongoing process when a business scales and achieves its financial objectives.

4. Changes in Keywords

More than a trillion searches happen in Google Search every year. Interests and Tastes of users change frequently with time and this results in more keywords/search phrases for businesses to target. Here you can target more search volume-based keywords to attract more users to your website. More Keywords results in more pages and more pages attract more prospects to your business.

5. SERP Volatility

SERP Volatility Refers to the changes in the ranking of a particular website. Herewith Google’s frequent changes in the algorithm rankings keep on fluctuating in the SERPs.

SEOs are constantly checking rankings and addressing accordingly to make necessary improvements to jump back into the same rankings previously. These changes in ranking happen every day in the SERPs and therefore make SEO an OnGoing Process.


At last, it is mostly true that SEO is an OnGoing, Dynamic, and Everchanging Industry for any business to step in. This makes businesses constantly invest in SEO as a part of their core marketing budget to attract more customers and therefore Building A Brand Online.

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