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Best Cities in the Caribbean Island for Travelling

The Caribbean Islands are the perfect place to wind up a year or usher in a new one, offering every desire plucked right out of your imagination. From sunset lit chrysanthemum fields to turquoise-kissed shores providing the best of Caribbean scenery and drink, cities across the region sure do know how to impress visitors. In particular, keep the following in mind for your next Caribbean adventure.

  1. Willemstad, Curacao
  2. Kralendijk, Bonaire
  3. Kingston, Jamaica
  4. George Town, Bahamas
  5. San Juan, Puerto Rico

1) Willemstad, Curacao

The island of Curacao is home to the lovely Willemstad, which acts as its capital and the center of attraction. According to Airbnb reports, this city has become hugely popular in 2019, noticing an almost 60% increase in Google inquiries. With an incredible Caribbean sea at its doorstep and technicolored colonial residences, it isn’t hard to see why many people are stopping to take notice. It offers perfect waters for snorkeling a natural aquarium of biodiversity, availing so many famous diving spots in such close proximity.

2) Kralendijk, Bonaire

Also quickly scaling the popularity ranks is Bonaire’s capital of Kralendijk. The lovely colorful houses that seem like something out of a children’s movie are partly responsible for that soaring recognition, alongside the sandy beaches and pine-laden shores that make for nice relaxing and sightseeing grounds. Fantastic views are not a problem; there’s always something spectacular for you to lose your breath at, no matter where in the city you go.

3) Kingston, Jamaica

Head on down to Kingston if you can, a city famous for the internationally-acclaimed Reggae legend Bob Marley. There’s a museum dedicated to his legacy, and you can stop by that on your to some of Jamaica’s fantastic river falls and jungles. The city is also an excellent launching pad if you’d like to sail the Caribbean, laying out before you an archipelago involving
notable names like the Bahamas, Cuba, and the Cayman Islands. Kingston itself has no shortage of that Caribbean island appeal; there are many sunny beaches where you can sit down to calm waves and the sounds of seagulls battling over leftovers.

4) George Town, Bahamas

Striking beauty has become the ordinary in the picture-perfect George town on the island country that is the Bahamas, but no matter how many times you’ve been there before, you’ll always be taken aback by the lovely presentation! Marine parks, water parks, and even casinos abound, ensuring that the turquoise laced shores are not the only things that’ll be stealing your attention. Blissful living lurks at every corner, and you have to wonder how the locals get anything done around here!

5) San Juan, Puerto Rico

Rising from the ashes of Hurricane Maria like a phoenix, San Juan has regained all and even more of its tourist appeal since disaster struck. Bookings have gone up four times, and it’s understandable why many find it hard to stay away, given the streets rife with exotic vegetation peeping into windows. Home to old fortresses, a beautiful blue coastline and vivid architectural reminders of the Spanish colonial times, you’ll fall in love with Puerto Rico’s capital. A historical and holiday delight famous for its bar and the seriously tasty mofongo, what’s not to like?

More options

That’s it for our list, but there are many other great cities to explore in the Caribbean. Other high-profile names include St Thomas in the US Virgin Islands, St. John’s in Barbuda and Antigua, and Grenada’s St. George’s.

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