Tips To Clean a Carpet At Home Without Rug Store

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Are you ready to secure your money and time from any rug store expense? As we prefer to prevent than to cure, here are our tips for cleaning your carpets so that they always look new.

  1. Adopt The Right Actions To Avoid The Rug Store
  2. Clean The Rug According To The Type Of Stain
  3. Maintain Your Carpet Regularly

1. Adopt The Right Actions To Avoid The Rug Store

When we do a task on a carpet, we do not suspect that our actions can make the situation worse. Fragile and delicate, the carpet fibers must be treated according to a very precise logic. You won’t have to toil to clean your carpet from any rug store or throw it away.

Above all, remember to absorb the liquid or grease from the task with a paper towel. Contrary to popular belief, it is important not to rub. To avoid having to separate from your carpet, take the right actions: wait until the task turns into a residue that will then be easy to scrape or vacuum.

2. Clean The Rug According To The Type Of Stain

The tips from grandmothers are good… And to overcome each type of task, know that there is a specific mixture of ingredients. From coffee to oil and wine, here are the foolproof recipes for cleaning stains on your carpets.

For sauces and oil: 

it is important to allow it to dry before scraping, then to clean. Once the stain is dry, cover it with white vinegar before rubbing – in a circular fashion using a toothbrush – with a little washing-up liquid and water.


For oily stains (of all kinds): 

apply a mixture of lemon, salt, and cold water. Rub gently – always in a circular fashion – before finishing with a little sparkling water.

For coffee stains: 

adopt the warm water and washing-up liquid duo. Be careful, this last foam enormously and risks spreading the task. So be careful when cleaning your carpet, especially if it is very clear.

For wine stains: 

the rosés and whites will disappear under a thick layer of sodium bicarbonate which will absorb the excess liquid. Once dry, lightly scrape off the stain before pouring sparkling water (which contains sodium bicarbonate) to complete the cleaning. In the case of a red wine stain, use white wine before absorbing with baking soda and cleaning with sparkling water. The task will magically disappear.

After each cleaning, be aware that the carpet should not remain wet. As with all fibers, they can be damaged, give off foul odors or even rot.

3. Maintain Your Carpet Regularly

It’s not just the tasks that damage your carpet or rug dust, footprints and passing time come into play. If you want your carpet to look like new, even after years, the following tips are ideal.

Like your clothes, carpets need pampering of their fibers. Vacuum once a week – with the proper brush – to remove dust, crumbs and even dirt from the outside. If you are lucky enough to have an outdoor, let them ventilate in the open air.

If the colorful carpets make you fall in love, know that the colors will eventually tarnish over time. There is a little trick that will allow you to revive or keep their hues. Once again, sodium bicarbonate gets involved: a perfect ally of textiles, you will have to sprinkle it on your carpet to get rid of impurities.

After a quarter of an hour, vacuum. Then moisten your carpet with a little sparkling water (using a towel) before allowing it to dry, brushing lightly and vacuuming again. You will see, your carpet will be bright again.


Finally, if furniture has left traces on your carpet, do not think that it is irrecoverable, on the contrary. Simply place a damp towel over the mark to be removed and pass the iron over it until the towel is dry. The carpet fibers will straighten as if by magic and you do not need any rug store.


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