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Know These Things Before You Rent Cage Trailers

As we all know, cage trailers are used to transport something that is fragile and also secured items from one place to another without damaging anything. Also, a few of the times, when animals are to be sent from one zoo to the other, these trailers are used. However, there are certain things that you need to check before you rent these trailers. There are a lot of people that are into the business of renting cage trailers these days. Well, it is easy to get these things, but you might as well end up getting cheated if you do not perform the few basic checks as mentioned below.

Cage Trailer

Cage Trailer

You must make sure to check the material that is used to make these trailers because this is one of the most important things that makes the entire cage strong. If the cage isn’t strong, then it becomes difficult for heavy goods to be shipped. Hence, checking for the strength of the material that is used in the manufacture of the cage is mandatory. However, this depends on the type of items you want to transport in it. If you need to transport light items, then a cheap and low-quality trailer would suffice, but if your goods are heavy and bulky, then you need to get a strong trailer, even though it comes at a high price.

The Rent that has to Be Paid

You must also check the amount that has to be paid towards the rent of the cage trailers. Some of the vendors would charge on an hourly basis, while a few others might end up charging on a daily basis. You must make sure to get the one that is convenient for you and then speak about the rent. If you do not finalize the rent, then when you return the trailer, you might be taken by surprise by the final figure that would be mentioned on the invoice. So, it’s best to negotiate the rent beforehand.

Terms and Conditions

There could be a lot of terms and conditions defined by the vendor, and it becomes necessary for you to understand all of these rights at the time of getting the trailer. If you do not get all these things sorted the moment you are getting it from the vendor, then you might end up in jeopardy. Hence, make sure to read the agreement completely and get clarifications on all the terms and conditions listed there.

Things that Can Be Shipped Using these Trailers

Some of the vendors would be pretty rigid about the things that can be shipped in their cage trailers. They might also end up asking for all the details right at the time of lending the trailer to you. For instance, some owners may not allow the transportation of animals in their trailers. Hence, you must make sure to get a clarification on the things that can be transported in their cages. 

Return Policy

While some of the vendors would not be pretty rigid about the day and time of return, there are others who would be pretty strict on the timings. If you do not return their trailer on the fixed date and time, they charge hefty fees in addition to the rent. So, you must make sure to check for the return policy properly and then only take the cage from them. 

Working Condition

Check if there are there any damages on the cage trailers during the time of renting it from the vendor. If you fail to check this, you may end up paying extra for those damages during the time of return, as the same would not be documented anywhere and the owner may hold you responsible for the damage. Make sure to also get the working condition of the trailer right. 

So, if you are considering renting cage trailers for your transportation purpose, keep these things in mind in order to make the right decision.

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