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How to Generate Quality Leads with Social Networks

Generating quality leads on social networks is a concern for every digital marketer. A few years ago, we saw these channels as a way to generate conversation and interactions and measured metrics like “I like”, but now we understand that they can contribute much more.

To achieve quality leads in social networks, it is necessary to integrate them into our strategy and our KPIs. We must also take into account some basic principles and adapt the tactics to the peculiarities of each network. Let’s see how step by step.

General Recommendations to Get Quality Leads

According to one of the renowned alligator logo designing brand, the generation of leads is “the action or process of identifying and cultivating potential customers for the products or services of a company”. It is not only about selling more but also about obtaining knowledge about users.

To properly raise your strategy for generating quality leads on social networks, sign up for these tips:

Focus on the social networks that your consumers really use. To generate quality leads, you have to hit the audience that really interests you. And the fact is that not all users are on the same networks. If your company is dedicated to B2B, LinkedIn may be your safest bet. Facebook is a great generalist network since it attracts a very broad audience. Instagram also has a large user base and is ideal for brands with a “wow” effect: makeup, fashion, travel … Twitter has more weight for topics related to today, and Snapchat can be a great platform if you’re looking for is to attract a young audience.

Create quality content. Your social networks are as good as the content you share in them, so the basis from which you must start is a good content strategy. You can choose different formats: blog articles, videos on demand or live, infographics, downloadable … or better yet, a combination of all the above.

Look beyond your navel. To have an attractive social media presence, you must avoid constantly talking about your brand and your products. Focus on offering useful and entertaining content to your followers and do not hesitate to share publications from other influencers in your sector.

Do not be afraid to post your landing pages on social networks. You have to be careful not to be overly promotional in the networks, but that does not mean you have to flee from all promotional content. If your landing pages are backed by quality content, publishing them on social networks can lead to instant conversions.

Do not forget the nurturing lead. Getting quality leads is only the first part of the process. For this contract to become a sale, you will have to integrate it into your lead nurturing campaigns and guide it little by little through the conversion funnel.

How to Generate Quality Leads in Different Social Networks

1) Facebook


With 2,200 million active users, Facebook is here to stay. These tips will help you guide your lead generation campaigns in this network:

Customize your page It seems like a lie, but many companies do not even fill in all the information fields offered by Facebook pages. Do not miss this opportunity to tell the story of your brand! Other aspects to take into account are the profile and cover images and the personalized tabs.

Take advantage of raffles and promotions to grow your database with users interested in your brand. Of course, keep in mind that according to the new regulations of the RGPD, you must clearly communicate to the users what their data will be used for.

Use the ads for potential customers. The Facebook Ads interface has an option specially designed to generate quality leads: ads for potential customers. With this format, users can register directly through Facebook to obtain more information about your company, request budgets, newsletters or product demonstrations, hire a test, etc … In short, you will have converted them to leads with minimal effort for its part.

2) Instagram



The most visual sister of Facebook has been hitting hard for years and already has 800 users per month. Follow these recommendations to generate more quality leads with it:

Create a company profile. Sometimes, small companies operate on Instagram with a personal profile, but this is a mistake. Having a company profile allows you to place a contact button directly in your biography, get insights from your followers, link to your Facebook page and much more, so the opportunities to generate leads multiply.

Use the power of the influencers. On Instagram, brand-sponsored publications are the norm and users accept them much better than on other networks. Therefore, this network is ideal for campaigns with influencers.

Take care of the aesthetic. In addition to pampering each photo to stand out among the latest news, it is also important to take into account the overall image of your feed. The brands that succeed on Instagram usually have a very defined corporate look, for example, using filters and similar color palettes on all photos.

Use Stories. This format has triumphed among Spanish users, and one of the basic principles for generating quality leads in social networks is to be present in the channels most used by users.

Take care of hashtags. These tags help organize all the content on Instagram, so having them can help users find you and become leads. Think about how users might look for you and make sure to add relevant hashtags in each image. You can also create specific hashtags for your brand campaigns.

3) Twitter


Although it no longer enjoys the popularity of a few years ago, Twitter is still a value to take into account your campaigns to attract quality leads. Here are the keys to success in this network:

Include images in your tweets. The tweets with images are more attractive to users, they attract attention and generate more reactions, so they have more points to attract leads.

Respond actively to users. Comments on social networks can influence consumers’ brand perception, both negatively and positively. So, if you want to get more leads, do not lose sight of the mentions of your brand on Twitter and make sure you respond to them.

Use the ads. Although it no longer has a specific lead generation option, Twitter ads are a very attractive option to generate traffic to your landing pages and launch remarketing campaigns.

4) LinkedIn


The start professional network is ideal for B2B companies or interested in recruiting new talent. This way you can get the most out of your quality lead generation campaign. Use Press to publish quality content. This integrated blogging platform on LinkedIn is a fantastic way to connect with users through quality articles about your sector, so do not forget to include it in your content marketing plans and lead generation.

Sign up for the premium option. If LinkedIn has a significant presence in your social media strategy, it makes sense to invest in premium plans to expand the reach of your brand and increase opportunities to generate quality leads.

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