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How Social Media Affects Search Engine Optimization

Social networks, integrated with Search Engine Optimization, are the best way to get traffic and exposure to
your website. In combination, these two models can provide really insurmountable results in a short time.

The SEO trend began a decade ago as websites continued experimenting with their strategies to drive traffic and revenue.

On the other hand, social networking is about building relationships and relationships with customers and customers, including existing and potential customers. The creation of content is the basis for the success of any website.

Equally important, however, is to integrate a brand and advertising strategy into social networks.

Good Search Engine Optimization and social media marketing can guarantee better reach, brand and income. Combining your existing SEO strategy with social media signals can help you accomplish much more than you expected.

How Facebook influences SEO Engine Optimization


Obviously, Google is conducting a review process to determine the popularity and importance of your business to your target audience.

Can your business reach your target audience? How many followers or fans do you have on social networks like Facebook?

Do you actively participate in your activities? All of these things play a crucial role in determining the rank of your website and your business in popular search engines, especially Google.

Once you share a content or link on your Facebook business page, the “Like” button becomes a critical factor for search engine crawlers.

When you share content on Facebook and start liking and sharing, the search engine knows that your audience prefers and rates the content.

It’s like putting a verified stamp on your link and acting as your champion. Basically, it’s like Google is telling Google that their content should get more attention, resulting in more traffic to your site.

How Twitter influences SEO


Tweet content is a quick and easy way to improve the rank of a website in popular search engines.

It helps to index faster and reduces the average time by 50%. Twitter has a great impact on building relationships, often leading to long-term partnerships, links, business development, and referrals.

As a result, the website owner can see a lot of traffic flowing to the site at a higher speed.

As with Twitter and Facebook, Google combines the ability of a webmaster to influence social networks in general. Search Engine Optimization crawlers use a three-dimensional measuring system for Facebook and Twitter, which implies:

  • A number of followers and followers who have your commercial account.
  • Number of likes and actions you have on your social pages and on your website content
  • Which authoritative audience should you share and how you like your content?
  • When the growth rate for “I like,” “share,” and “episode” accelerates or slows down

How does Google Plus affect SEO?


Needless to say, Google+ is nowhere to go! People have finally accepted it and search Engine Optimization crawlers. If you want your site to get a high rating, you’d better start spending some time on Google+ as well.

Google+ activity and +1 have shown incredible results in conjunction with improved rankings on Google. How does the SEO ranking affect you? Let us find out:

  •    How many add-ons and/or affiliates do you have on Google+? Your company’s location is an important factor that makes additions or shares on Google+ relevant and authorized. In summary, depending on the location of your business, Google looks at the total number of shared resources and wants you to get some content. It also takes into account the authority of people sharing the content and speed of sharing. If all of these factors work in your favor, you can expect good results from your website.
  •    How many +1 do you have on your website? +1 is the basic and most important need of a successful website. It is absolutely necessary to earn +1 for your website. They help you to achieve a good search engine rank. The volume of +1, the speed with which you win, and the authority of those who click +1 play a very important role.

Search Engine Optimization and social media marketing are interdependent and it is very important to make the best possible use of them. There are many other tools and techniques that you can incorporate into your strategies for maximum benefit.

In general, the health and activity of your social sites can help you position yourself at the top of Search Engine Optimization. It is still a developing model and the best time to reach the maximum market interest for small and medium businesses and/or website owners.

Author Bio:

John Bates is the Industry Marketing Manager at  Followers24hour.com  and was previously the Head of Conversion Marketing at Followers24hour. He’s an expert in inbound marketing, content marketing, and lead generation. John is also the author of three young adult thrillers and is writing her fourth novel.

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