Local Seo 2019

Local Seo Pack 2019 – The Secret to Occupy Top Rankings

With the introduction of hyper-local results, focusing on local SEO is more than important. The struggle to occupy the Google snack pack ratings has convinced brands to focus more on making their brand locally alive. 

Sometimes, it’s the smallest area where you are lacking and that actually matters. As much as the link building and content strategy is important for Seo, local SEO to has many advantages. 

I have put together top-ranking signals of Local Seo that are likely to help you in getting significant results. Remember! The internet is a ruthless jungle of scavengers who are always ready to know weak (SEO-unfriendly) websites. 

Geo-Tagging Images

Geo-Tagging images are one of the most instrumental parts of local Seo as it gives the right confidence to Google that the content should be linked to a particular place. It involves tagging images with the right latitudes and longitudes. 

Geotagging is very easy. Basically, to give you the idea, you have to geo-tagged all your web images. Writing alt tags and explanation isn’t enough. 

For that, you have many ways to do it. 

The easiest of all is going to geoimgr.com, upload your image, add your brand address, and click on ‘write ext’.

Do the same for all your web images and then upload it your website. This will help you gain better ranking for your desired keywords and will help lift brand visibility. 


Citations are great Backlinks that help in strengthening the website core. Moreover, they act as a strong ranking signal for Google. When adding your website into different directories, it is very important to make sure that the information being added there should match with the one listed on the website. 

Consistent NAP is the main objective. Different address and numbers on directories will eventually confuse Google and will backfire your hard work. 

Citations can literally pull your company to a whole new level. The business that is listed more on Google and has a consistent NAP is more likely to get ranked than the one that has seldom listed. 

Moreover, citations increase brand exposure by a much larger extent. 

Google Reviews 

Google Reviews 

Replying to reviews is now the latest ranking signal that indicates Google that the brand is very much active with the customers. Hiding bad reviews is never a wise option and neither they are of help. However, biased reviews should have no place in the reviews section. 

Schema Markup:-

Among the most powerful local Seo evolutions, schema markup holds high regard in boosting your website in search engine result pages. Schema markup is a code that you put on your website to allow Google to produce informative results for your brand. 

For eg-

Schema Markup

So whether you are looking for qualified leads or more online sales, get help with professional Seo services that can give you the utmost results. Remember, Seo done with the right techniques gives better results. So get the experts on board!

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