Primary School in Noida

Looking for a Primary School in Noida? Here is a Quick List of 3

Choosing a worthy Montessori school for your child for his or her appropriate mental development can get highly subjective and thus depends on the school’s method of education itself. So mistakes or ignorance on the part of the child can only be corrected through the teacher or the pedagogy. This forces us to choose our primary polishers very wisely on the basis of multiple aspects like teaching pedagogy, faculty interaction, classroom aesthetics and overall cooperation.

When I was looking for a primary school in noida for my kid, I made it a point to target playschools and finally decided to go with GIIS Noida (Global Indian International School) which is among the best international schools because of their unique GMP or Global Montessori Plus programme which imparts high quality Montessori education along with modern tools and philosophies. 

I even got in touch with the principal, Mr. Ganesh Sharma, who himself is quite a believer of modern tools and techniques. It went to prove that such a school pays genuine focus on a novel approach to learning. They work alongside a 5 Pillar goal ideology along with their Plus programme in order to exercise innovation and thought leadership among major preschools. Let me give you a brief about the 5 pillars-

  • Excelerate’ Programme gives students fluency in language through listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, as well as providing numeracy skills through maths in a fun and interesting manner.
  • Multi-faceted Learning nurtures the students’ inherent personalities as well as helping their intellectual capacities grow steadily.
  • iPlay Programme encourages students to accumulate information and assimilate it which in turn inculcates in them the skills of independence, cooperation and management.
  • iCare Programme teaches students the universal values of compassion, kindness and giving.
  • Future Ready Programme includes a dynamic, hands-on approach to learning Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) which develops in them a love for subjects through active participation, encourages their creativity and polishes their mental capabilities of critical thinking.

Through each of these 5 pillars, GIIS successfully infuses the teachings of the legendary teacher and entrepreneur Maria Montessori along with the present educational requirements. 

Here are two more names for your reference-

Shemrock Nursery

Another pretty good nursery school with multiple campuses in Noida itself was started in the year 2016 as the Shemrock chain of preschools. They have more than 500 centres within India with some even in Nepal. In Noida, it is located in Sector 45 and is named Shemrock Morning Glory while having 70+ centres in the Delhi-NCR region alone.

This school provides a cheerful environment for the children, and helps make the way for their joyful learning and mental growth. Shemrock transforms every day learning into unique learning experiences for the children, by infusing love and care into all the areas of learning. 

Shemrock Morning Glory keeps teachers who make sure that the children are shown the importance of happiness, complete freedom and required encouragement & guidance, by enabling their young minds to evolve and operate in the fun-filled environment of preschool life.

Another trivia to know is that Chota Bheem is the chain’s brand ambassador. Makes you wonder how far they go!

Shanti Juniors

Running with a unique ‘Todd Care’ program, it is introduced to deal with the development and provide stimulation to the children in their early years and to overcome the challenges of parents interacting with their kids during their exploratory age. 

The Todd Care programme aims to provide interactive sensory activities to toddlers. The program is aimed at involving parents towards the growth and development process of their little angels with several age-related aids, toys and activities in order to stimulate their overall development. Enrolment starts from 2+ years.

Although you can check these schools too, you should take note that joining an international play school will help you attain values that you might not learn in regular schools. 

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