Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric Surgery- A complete overview

Different kinds of weight loss procedures are referred as bariatric surgery. Overall, these procedures make changes in your digestive system, therefore, allowing you to lose weight. In other words, people go for bariatric surgeries when all their weight loss efforts like dieting, exercise doesn’t work or if they face severe health problems due to obesity like diabetes, sleep apnea. Many procedures will limit the amount of food you eat & also they will rebalance your hormonal profile like reversing insulin resistance, diabetes, improving blood pressure or heavy snoring. The surgery offers you pretty excellent benefits and to have best results you have to change your life style permanently. Therefore you can get long-term benefits! Do you desire to get bariatric surgery? Or are you dealing with obesity for extended periods? But guess what? Don’t worry! Now you can get the Best Bariatric Surgeon Dubai who will help you deal with all these issues.

Why we do bariatric surgery

Bariatric surgery will remove excess weight while reducing the risk of potentially life-threatening health problems associated with obesity. The common health problems with obesity include

  • High blood pressure  
  • Sleep apnea
  • Diabetes
  • PCOS
  • Cardiovascular problems
  • Joint pains / low back pain

The surgery is done to eliminate this extra weight which you couldn’t remove by exercise and habits.

Who needs Bariatric Surgery?

 Bariatric surgery beneficial, but for some people and it is a better option for you when:

  • When the body mass index is more than 40, or the person is extremely obese.
  • Besides this, if your BMI is above 35 and you suffer from severe health problems like blood pressure and diabetes.
  • People with BMI above 32.5  may also need Bariatric surgery, especially when they get weight-related issues. Therefore you need to be a bit careful.

However, Bariatric surgery is not recommended for everyone, even if you are overweight. You will need to get specific medical guidelines for qualifying the weight-loss surgery.

After bariatric surgery

Once you have gone through Bariatric surgery, you go on liquid diet, allowing you to heal the stomach and digestive system. After that, they will require you to follow a specific diet for the initial3-4 weeks. Firstly, they ask you to take liquids only, and after that, you should use soft foods before going to regular meals. Vitamin supplementations are advised on regular basis.

You may need regular follow up checkups to monitor the health in the initial months by your bariatric team.

How you prepare for bariatric surgery                       

Once you qualify for bariatric surgery, the bariatric team will help you get the instructions on how can you prepare for a particular surgery. You will need to have some examinations and tests before having surgery. It may ask you to have restriction on drinking and eating for at least a few weeks. The medication should be taken accordingly. Moreover, stopping tobacco use is necessary before going for surgery. Simultaneously, the after-surgery recovery depends on how you prepare for it.

Overall bariatric ( weight loss surgery) not only helps in losing weight but improves associated health problems & makes you to lead a healthy life & increased life span.

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