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Make the best Financial Decision – Subscribe to Car

Zoomcar’s Associate Program (ZAP) is a groundbreaking yet simple model by which people can own a car and skip major costs.

There are many benefits of owning a car. Car owners enjoy security, freedom, and flexibility. From daily commute to road trips with friends and family, a plethora of positive experiences awits the car owner. Therefore, it is no wonder that ‘buy car is on top of the list for aspiring individuals. However, car ownership comes with its slew of responsibilities and liabilities. With perpetually rising living costs in the cities of India, car ownership can drag lifestyle down if the right choices are not made. So how does one get their own ride without making too many compromises? Car subscription is changing the scenario and thousands are already taking advantage. Zoom cars Associate Program (ZAP) is a groundbreaking yet simple model by which people can own a car and skip major costs.

No Down Payment

No Payment car

Imagine getting the car of your dreams without paying a single paisa as a down payment. That is the biggest benefit of car subscription. It also gives car subscribers a big long-term financial boost. Instead of shelling out a few lakhs to the car dealer, they get to use it for something more constructive like an investment for the future or other things. Apart from dodging the big down payment, car subscribers also do not need to pay for the car insurance.

The Perks of ZAP car subscription

ZAP car subscription

Zoomcar is known as one of India’s most modern and innovative transport company. The hallmark customer-friendly approach is something that the ZAPsters will certainly benefit from. The subscription is one flat monthly fee. Maintenance charges are a headache that all car owners face especially when the car gets older. However, with car subscription, one does not have to pay anything for maintenance. A servicing request can be facilitated via the app and the car will be picked up and given thorough maintenance by an expert team of mechanics. The car will be dropped back to the subscriber’s location when the maintenance is complete.

Earn more money with ZAP

Earn money ZAP car

With a ZAP car subscription, one can even earn more and further reduce monthly fees. Just list the car on the Zoomcar platform when it is not in use for others to rent. The money earned will be paid at the beginning of the new month. How about that for more savings?

Who can benefit from subscription?

One can subscribe to a car for as little as six months. There are also 12, 24, and 36 months plans. Those who are constantly on the move and unsure about being in a certain location for too long can leverage the short tenure plans. Car enthusiasts can also enjoy the short-tenure subscriptions– they get to drive the latest car models and change them every half-year.

With new car prices going up and the prospect of hefty down payments and looming EMIs, buying a car the traditional way has become a rather big responsibility. ZAP subscribers can enjoy all the privileges of owning a car without the above commitments. Consider a subscription – do not compromise on lifestyle.

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