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2 Easiest Ways To Clean Your Makeup Brushes And Sponges

This is how you can clean your makeup brushes and sponges

There are different types of brushes and sponge for makeup. Their usage and cleaning ways are different. For instance, there are two types of makeup sponges. One is used for makeup blending and for applying the base. The second one is for skincare and makeup removing. The beauty blender’s sponge gives covers to protect which keeps it clean from external dirt. On the other side, for example, a bamboo charcoal facial sponge is design to clean deep pores and dirt also absorb excess oils. Cleaning this type of facial sponge is easy as the pores of sponge are soft and big.

Cleaning concealer brush and lipstick brush is tricky. The brush becomes hard if you do not wash it properly. The liquid you use for cleaning makeup tools plays a vital role. The following are some simplest ways mentioned by which you can easily clean your makeup brush and sponge. 

Clean with dish soap and olive oil:

Take a small bowl, mix two parts dish soap with one part olive oil. Wet your dirty makeup brushes and sponges under the water tap. Then dip all into dish soap and olive oil mixture and swirl a few times. After that, rub the brush by fingertips to remove all debris. Rinse with water until no soap or makeup ran from the brush. Repeat this process with makeup sponges. Squeeze the excess water from makeup tools and dry them by using a hair-drier. 

Clean with baby shampoo and silicone trivet:

These are very common things, easily available at your home. Squeeze few drops of baby shampoo into a mug and fill with lukewarm water. Then swirl makeup brushes and sponges in that water. Rub the brush on your silicone mat to extract all the dirt. Rinse it with the tab water. When all are good and clean, use a clean towel to squeeze all the water out. Make it completely dry and your brush is easily cleared.


There are several different cleansers you can select from to clean your makeup brushes, sponges, and other tools. Some of the makeup brush manufacturers offer their special cleanser with brushes, which is made-up to help extend brushes’ lifespan. You can wash your makeup tools by yourself without spending lots of money

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