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Products Offered By Authorized Mellanox UK Reseller

Despite being computer savvy and internet savvy, there is a myth among the people that until unless they do not have a high-speed internet connection, they will not able to send and receive any type of data required by them quickly. Going through this requirement, the organizations dealing with huge data set have three to four internet connection within their organization for data sharing. Well, this although is true to a huge extent, especially in current scenario when there is a dynamic increase in the practice of video, VoIP and other types of data transfer, there are components like cables, adapter cards, Switch System that play an incredible role in offering the required bandwidth for transferring data within the wide area network (WAN). Keeping this requirement of different organizations in concern the UK based Mellanox Technologies offers a wide range of such products that make it easier for the organizations to transfer their data to different sources.

The cornerstone of this renowned group was laid back in 1999 and since then it has emerged as one of the authentic solution providers for issues related with the Ethernet and Infiniband. It would be interesting to know to keep the requirement of its clients in concern the group has a plethora of Mellanox UK reseller located in the different corners of the world. These resellers are authorized by the group and therefore, there no chances of buying tech duplicate products supplied by the contenders of such components. One more interesting fact about this established Ethernet solution provider group is that going through the needs of the organizations for data transformation it keeps on introducing new products from time to time.

The worth mentioning a feature of these new products is that they are an advanced version of the existing products that are capable of offering high performing duties without any complications. Let us for instance talk about the Mellanox Onyx. As compared to its predecessor MLNX-OS Ethernet, Onyx can be regarded as the high performing, flexible, smooth, and cloud-based switch operating system that is developed after assessing the requirements of the data center coming in the near future. The worth mentioning a feature of Onyx is that it tailors the network platform according to the data infrastructure shared by the group, whether it is related to financial, media, entertainment or any other industry. Enriched with the features like monitoring and visibility tools, in-built workflow automation, etc, the Onyx minimizes the burden of the data center by controlling the cost of operation and enhancing its data transmission efficiency.

Benefits Of Mellanox Onyx Switch System

Switch System

The major benefits of Mellanox Onyx switch operating system can be summarized as follows:

  1. Developed strictly according to future based data storage system of artificial intelligence and cloud-based networking organizations.
  2. Low cost of operation through Ansible and zero-touch provisioning.
  3. Flexibility and feature velocity by making use of Docker containers with full access to SDK.
  4. High availability mechanisms at all levels
  5. High-quality service and many more.

Besides, this the other switch operating system offered by the Mellanox are referred below:

Mellanox MLNX-OS facilitates the scaling of thousands of computers and their storage nodes with their monitoring and provisioning efficiencies, despite the InfiniBand or Virtual Protocol Interconnect. The switching system acts the bridge between lossy and lossless networks.

Spectrum Linux Switch System: The switching system makes it easier for the users to install and make use of any Linux distribution as the switch operating system for their personal use on any of the open Ethernet Mellanox Spectrum. The Linux switch system is based on Switchdev platform recognized as a Linux Kernel driver for different types of Ethernet Switch System. The system neglects the use of cloud source software development kits (SDK).

The above-mentioned products are just an illustration of the products offered by Mellanox reseller there are a plethora of such products that are developed according to the varied needs of different data centers.

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