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12 Highly Effective Tips for Healthy Hair

Having long, lustrous, thick and strong Healthy Hair is something that everyone wishes for. When we watch TV shows and movies featuring famous actors with beautiful hairstyles, we develop hidden desire of having the same ones. But unfortunately, our thin and weak hair does not allow us to do so. If you are feeling the same, don’t worry as we are going to disclose some highly effective tips which will help you get the same lustrous, thick and strong hair on your scalp.

Tip # 01: Protect your Healthy Hair from environmental factors

Healthy Hair

Environmental factors such as excessive sunlight, dust, wind, dirt, and rain may influence your running Healthy Hair loss condition. If you are living in an area where there is so much dust, the dirt builds up dry off your scalp and cause infections and itchiness, ultimately leads to hair loss. In such a scenario, it is important to have regular cleaning and conditioning of your scalp so that you may not get affected by these environmental factors.

Trichologists at Hair Transplant Dubai clinic suggest to wear a protective cover when you are out in a dusty atmosphere or exposing your scalp to the sun.

Tip # 02: Condition your hair the right way

Conditioning the hair in the right way is necessary to keep your hair healthy. Conditioners are meant to moisture the Healthy Hair shaft and not the surface of the scalp. In the case your scalp is already oily in nature, the over conditioning might make it excessively oily, which is also not suitable for hair growth.

In the case you are unaware of your hair type, visit a nearby certified hair expert to know your scalp and hair type before using any of the hair care products.

Tip# 03: Avoid over-styling your hair

Healthy Hair

Avoid keeping over tight hairstyles for a long run, instead have loose hairstyles that do not exert any pressure on the hair follicles. Keeping a tight hairstyle such as ponytail, braids, and weaves weaken your hair follicles that leads to hair loss conditions.

Avoid using the styling tools that exert too much heat on the hair, as the excessive heat wipes out the moisture from your hair and makes it weaker. When using a hair dryer, keep it at a reasonable distance and also keep it in the motion while applying as the direct application on the specific area may also burn your hair.

Tip# 04: Deal carefully with the wet hair

Wet hair is delicate and is prone to breakages. When dealing with wet Healthy Hair or trying to dry it off, try not to scratch or rub with extra force and treat it gently. It is better to let the wet hair dry off naturally and avoid brushing until it gets dried.

Tip# 05: Use a satin pillowcase

hair satin pillowcase

Unbelievably, the hair loss may also concerned with the type of pillows you are sleeping on.  The conventional pillow covers may cause friction and rubbing that can unintentionally pull your hair out. Choosing a satin pillowcase help you avoid hair breakage caused by friction.

Tip# 06: Massage your scalp with a natural oil

Oiling your scalp is necessary to keep it healthy and nourishing for a longer period of time. In the case of dry scalp, daily oiling makes sure to fill up the deficiencies of natural moisturizers in the scalp, which is beneficial for hair growth.

Most of the hair experts suggest massaging your scalp with a natural regularly, as it does not only moisturizes your scalp but also stimulate the blood flow, which is necessary for healthy hair follicles.

Tip# 07: Use suitable hair masks

hair masks

If you are using a hair mask, make sure to use a hair mask that is best suited for your particular hair type. Using an unsuitable hair mask may worsen your hair loss condition and creates more trouble.

Tip# 08: Brush your hair efficiently

Most of us brush their hair on daily basis and there is nothing wrong about that if you are doing it in the right way. Use a brush that has soft edges so that it does not pull out your hair and make the Healthy Hair follicles weaker.

Tip# 09: Eat healthily

Eat healthily

Your overall health reflects the health of your hair. As the necessary nutrients including proteins, carbohydrates, calcium, and vitamins are basic building blocks of hair growth, having a deficiency of any of these may lead to great troubles of hair loss.

Having a nutrient enriched dieting regimen is beneficial not only for the overall health but also the growth of hair follicles. If you are still not able to get enough nutrients from your food, then you might need to go for supplements. However, consulting a nutritionist is the better option.

Tip# 10: Do not use too many Healthy Hair care products

Avoid using too many products for hair care. Although some of the products such as shampoo and conditioner are essential for regular hair care, using too many chemical products can damage the hair follicles, ultimately causing hair loss and hair thinning.

Somebody may recommend you hair care products to keep your Healthy Hair healthy and shiny but is a more viable option to go for some natural solutions and void over using the additional care products.

Tip# 11: Home remedies

Home remedies

Lustrous, strong and healthy hair does not always require using high brand products and expensive treatments, as there exist some effective home remedies that make sure to keep your hair healthy and shiny all the time. These include oil massage, onion oil massage, eggs massage or consumption and many more.

Tip# 12: Don’t wear tight hairstyles when you go to bed at night

When you go to bed at night, tie your hair loosely, a side braid is a better option. Leaving your hair opened is also not a good option as it tends to create knots and cause hair pulling, which leads to hair loss.

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