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Which Type of Internet Service Is The Fastest

Various types of internet services are used today. All these services have some different features, with functions being the same, i.e., providing the internet.

It is now a basic thing to utilize the internet these days. Today, most of the work of almost all organizations depend on the internet. People have the knowledge of how to use the internet and why it is important, but very few know about the types of internet and what type is suitable for them.

Types of Internet Services

  • DSL Internet
  • Dial-Up Internet
  • Cable Internet
  • Satellite Internet

Various types of internet services are used today. All these services have some different features, with functions being the same, i.e., providing the internet. The types of services are:

DSL Internet

DSLDSL or Digital Subscriber Line is a very fast type of internet service at very affordable rates. These connections are established with the help of phone lines. These phone lines do not interrupt the working of the internet and vice versa since DSL uses three different frequencies.

The telephone line is operated with the help of the lowest frequencies while the internet access, i.e., uploading and downloading, is operated with the help of the other two frequencies.

Dial-Up Internet

Dial-Up Internet– The dial-up Internet does not work with a very convincing speed, but the connections of the dial-up Internet are provided at very cheap rates.

Dial-up works with telephone wire connections, and it begins when a number is dialed on the computer. When an individual dials this number, the computer, with the help of modem, sends signals to the routers. T

These routers work as a medium to transfer the signals to their destination. The drawback of Dial-up is that it works through the same line for the internet like that of the phone.

Therefore, it becomes difficult to use both things at the same time, and that is why Dial-up has become quite unpopular these days. This type is also at risk of getting blocked by the use of a large number of people.

Cable Internet

Cable Internet– Cable TV lines are brought into use for the working of cable Internet, and the price is also not very high.

The speed of cable internet puts an impressive impression as they use a larger bandwidth for the internet. There is a little difference in the downloading and uploading speed of cable internet due to the asymmetric ends of the cable, but it does not bother the users much.

The devices that require internet access are connected through the cables for the internet, but this limits the use of the internet on multiple devices.

Satellite Internet

Satellite– The satellite internet works with the help of space internet, as its name signifies. You possibly see several roofs with dishes on them, this dish not only works for TVs but can also be used to provide internet access.

The device at your home sends signals to this dish, which forwards these signals to the space satellite, and from the satellite, the signals are transferred to the nearby internet station.

The internet station transforms these signals so that they could be used by your device, and then these signals are sent back to the space satellite from where they are transferred to the dish and then to the device that requires internet access.

Although satellite internet does not require the mess of cables, it has a limitation of easily getting disturbed with even minute things that come in the path of its signals.

Wireless Internet

Wireless– The wireless internet does not use cables or telephone lines for the internet but works by using radio frequencies. These frequencies are transferred and translated with the help of a tower, which is a look-alike of phone tower and the internet service station, respectively.

The signals of this type of internet service do not travel a long distance like satellite internet, and are, therefore, much faster than satellite internet.

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