Microsoft Windows Update Error Code 0x8024002d

Windows Update Error Code 0x8024002d is a common error code for Windows 10. It can be caused by a variety of issues, including not downloading the latest updates or

How to fix Error Code 0x8024002d?

“.NET Framework 3.5” on Windows 10 or any higher versions won’t come by default.We should separately enable from windows features to run old applications. You can find the windows features option on application wizard window that avoids error code 0x8024002d on windows updates.

Note: Make sure you set correct Date and time on your computer, try to install pending updates through other available networks.Run windows update troubleshooter.

  1. Control Panel> Programs and Features.
  2. Turn Windows features on or off the check.NET Framework 3.5. The pre-requisites should installed.
  3. If it is not successful uninstall the KB’s related to.NET framework 3.5 and then re-install them.
  4. Restart your computer if needed.

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