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Mobile Commerce – How it has evolved during the past 3 years

When the mobile phones started developing, setting up alarm and saving contact numbers of people in the phone were seen with such a surprise. Now, we are shopping online through the mobile and making payments on the go. Isn’t that a drastic change? It is really a great wonder to witness how things have evolved in the mobile platform. Technology has reached great miles and still creating a lot of historical moments in the world. It is simplifying each and every task in day to day life by a larger scale.

What is Commerce?

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It isn’t long years back we started speaking about the benefits that eCommerce could bring to the business. Within a few years, mobile applications have changed the entire scenario. This is because even there people who don’t even get enough water to drink but has a smartphone in hand. Society has pushed the entire human race to be up-to-date. Smartphones in every hand are one of the major reasons why Commerce is growing by large factor today.

With the emerging technology when there has occurred a comfort to buy your desired item from home people are making use of it in a broader sense. When it was the age of the laptops and personal computers eCommerce was the king of the digital marketing. 

Evolution from e-commerce to Commerce

Mobile Commerce

Every entrepreneur started websites that could make a better reach to their customers worldwide. As they wished the results were great. This motivated the businessmen to make the next step. In later days when mobile phones became the most used device by everyone. The idea of viewing the website through mobile phones also arrived. 

The network feasibility also started growing according to the development. Hence, people started going through sites in mobile phones. These awaken the business giants to make websites compatible with mobile. Later the smartphones joined the play and glorified the Commerce with the help of applications. Many companies are ready to develop mobile application today. 

Major features of Commerce

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When the Commerce came into existence everything where changed compatible with the smartphones. The business giants concentrated on three key features to draw the attention of the people. 

Make it compatible

Smartphones are developed in different configuration and sizes. Hence, it must be kept in mind that the text or the complete design must adapt according to the device type. It is said that 61% of the users will stop watching a particular site if it remained inconvenient for the user to handle. It is significant that you provide a seamless service for the user that will make them stick around your site. According to Google’s survey, 67% of the users are ready to buy a site if it completely mobile friendly. Today, we hardly find websites being incompatible on a mobile screen. 

Simplify the user interface

The user interface is the next important factor to be considered. Since the users are of technical and non-technical people. The user interface must be easier for any kind of the viewer to handle it. Hence, always a simple user interface will do well for a better reach. 

But providing high-quality images even on a mobile screen and rich graphics contents are also parameters that increase the visitor’s number. A poor design may look too monotonous and won’t capture the users’ eyes leading to reduced visit numbers. 

High level of security

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In any form of technology, security is always the prior condition. Earning the trust of the client is highly necessary. This could be possible only by showing dedication. Customers must understand the fact that you are really concerned about their personal credentials and never let it breach at any cost.     

A survey reveals a shocking result that the Commerce is 32% riskier than the eCommerce sites. Creating a secure platform for making online payments is highly essential for any vendor. You can show the customers about the security levels you provide them with the app. Regular updates on security will also create trust in minds of the user. 

How advantageous is Commerce?

Reduction in time

A lot of time involved in traveling to a particular shop, searching for the item manually, and waiting in the queue to get it billed. The time spent at each thing will be saved. The user will be able to see all varieties of the item over a single screen, which is beneficial in making the right decision.

Secure payments

Carrying cash can be uneasy, especially when the purchase is huge. You have to count it and ensure the right transfer waiting in the queue. Shopping through mobile application will allow the users to go cashless. 

After adding the desired items to the virtual cart, the user can make the payment over the application. All possible modes of an online transaction are enabled within the application. Debit card, credit card, net banking and transfer from the account through an online wallet is also encompassed within the app. 


When compared to eCommerce the Commerce serves to be advantageous at the point of being accessible anytime anywhere. Laptops and PC cannot provide such kind of service when you are on outdoor or other areas. This disadvantage is overcome by smartphones. If you desire to make a purchase now just a click into application the rest happens in no minute. 

CustomizationThe Commerce is a precious source for the business giant. They can track the order of a particular customer and send him customized ads to increase the possibility of the item to be bought. The users also enjoy the application interface, when it is individualized. 

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