MSc in Project Management

Masters in project management

The Master of Project Management explores how efficient management can provide organizations with improved ability to plan, implement and control their business activities. MSc in Project Management course provides comprehensive project management skills and capabilities on the full project lifecycle; from project initiation, planning, execution to project closing, and teaches strategies for dealing with a broad range of issues encountered within business organisations. The growth of new forms of technology in project management has prompted organisations to look for skilled project managers who can enhance the performance of their businesses.

Masters in Project Management degree offered through Lincoln University of Business and Management is an interdisciplinary graduate program that uses problem-based learning to provide a thorough understanding of all aspects of project-management theory and practice. This 30-credit degree program, which you can complete in as little as two years, is a well-respected credential and is accredited. In addition, Masters in Project management is degree that has a bright future ahead in 2027 as per the Forbes.


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