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If any of you is a big lover of reading Japanese novel then we should know all the sources of watching and reading Japanese comics and anime. And as we all know that Japan is one of the finest and most amazing comic makers and produces as well. we will be reading about most popular arstists and comics creators, so stay tuned with us.

Myreadingmanga Intro:

Myreadingmanga is the most popular and official website where all about Japanese novel can be read and downloaded. if you are lover of anime then you have came on the accuratet website. You will every type of novel no matter how old it was.

Menus and choices of myreadingmanga:

All types og anime and novels such most popular & download, most-watched, romantic, fitting, and many more are available on this web. If you enter in our website/application you’ll find all the options in the form of chapters.

If you are not movie lover then all kind of seasons and movies are available in 720p, 1080p, 4k HD, and 8K ultra HD. And it has many other resolutions etc.

What is Anime?

Anime is comic books made in japan. Usually, anime is a short form of animation which is mostly used in Japan throughout the world. It is the short form of animation. In Japan they are taken very seriously because characters are given emotions and brain depend thoughts.

They are not created in one shape but different graphics for different ages.

Dissimilarities between manga and anime:


This is a very popular and trending style in japan which are very complex and characterized by high color contrast, bright colors, and thematic elements of science and fiction and amazing fantasy.

Sailor moon

Howl’s moving castle



It is different from Anime in having typical style of exaggerating and depicting style through different pictures and cartoons. There are many popular manga comics they have given such as

 Dragon ball


Death note

Excellent features of Manga:

Most manga characters have bigger eyes. And this is so trending and feature of manga this trend was started by the famous writer of the manga series and his name is Tezuka Osamu, and this creator of the legendary is writing “Astroboy”. Moreover, Bambi was one of his favorite stories.

This has various features of character designs.

It is including opposite colors and different sounds and voices.

Tezuka was obsessed with the 1930s and 1940s Disney cartoon movie styles and then he decided to borrow its huge and expressive eyes techniques as well.

Most accurate way of reading Manga comics:

TIP 1: read any manga series is always read from right to left. And this same style goes with all manga comic strips.

When any Manga comics or series are released outside of Japan, then the pages and strips are inverting and the style also has been changed due to foreign reader rules and regulations. This makes them very ‘suitable’ for Western readers and viewers.

These change pages have layouts and they have originally designed around users and viewers. But, when any Manga has become increasingly popular or trending, then most the publishers have decided to keep its original direction and respected the author’s designs and methods too.

Intresting facts about myreadingmanga:

In Japan, A huge number of people are interested in bread all manga series and they are also interesting all read and writing manga and comics.

In Japan, there are more paper is used for manga writing as compared to toilet paper.

One of the most interesting facts is that most manga series or writings are widely read by girls. All manga and comics are drawn by hand not by machine.

One of the best and most amazing features of manga is “crossovers”

The famous comic writer, Shin-chan has got so much fame in japan even that his comic and anime characters have been taken by Government and its inspirations drive him crazy.

Moreover, it has its train designed with every anime character. In Japan, most people used to call these mangakas to all manga artists.

Recently, Manga has become an international leading for all artists and writers. The famous writer, Spirited away has become the first anime to win an oscar for Japan.

There are many manga cafes in Japan for readers. And this is made for this purpose to enjoy their favorite manga with a cup of coffee or any cold beverages.

There are available hundreds of voice acting schools in japan.

Info about myreadingmanga:

There are several best sites to read out all Manga and Comics for free

1. Crunchyroll

2. Manga Kakalot

3. Manga Owl

4. Manga Reborn

5. Comic Walker

6. Book Walk

7. Kiss Manga



She is the number 1 artist in the entire manga world and also known as the women mangaka. And she is known to create some legendary writings like Cardcaptor sakura, clamp school detectives and XXXholics etc.


He is a famous comic and manga writer. And he is also known for the legendary creator and he is also responsible for Sailor moon.


He is known as goddess creator of the famous manga series shojo manga.


He is the most popular list of Myreadingmanga writer and he is also a famous writer of manga creation by his famous writing “one-piece” and this has become a global icon for him.


He is in the list of trending creator in the entire mangaka. And he has created the most popular and iconic writing like “Astroboy.”


Black Clover:



Myreadingmanga is one of the popular and cool apps where every user finds this app relatable, enjoyfull and engaged.

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