NBA 2K22 dunking tips and tricks

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Contact dunks are done by NBA 2K22 MT holding down R2 or RT while keeping the left stick pointed upwards while sprinting toward the basket. There must be a defender protecting the paint in order that your player is able to complete with a contact dunk in front of him.

Elite finishers have more chances of finishing contact dunks over defenders. Players who are equipped with elite or pro packages may gain contact dunks however the effort required to complete them is higher for players with strong paint defense and blocks.

Dunk contest controls differ from your regular dunks during games. Players are able to Buy NBA 2K Coins choose the kind of dunk they wish to perform based on the dunks provided that are available in NBA 2K22. The timing and the execution is crucial when performing thesemoves, since the judges will evaluate the dunks when scoring.

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