Office Solution automates the user creation process of a leading bank

As the banker was expanding rapidly, creating the user manually was becoming tedious and time-consuming. The banker was manually creating 100 + users daily and the role to the user was assigned manually each time the user was created. An automated bulk user creation and role assignment process where needed. As this was manual activity the process was error-prone, time-consuming, and human dependent. Apart from this training the new user was also cumbersome and time-consuming since the user creation process was manual and complex.

The Solution

The banker had approached the existing vendor to find the solution, but the vendor suggested that implementing bulk user creation and Role assignment will require major architectural change and will also incur high costs. Meanwhile, the banker came across an Office solution – the IT automation and robotic process automation solution. After a detailed evaluation of the Office solution, the banker decided to opt for the Office solution. Office solution helped the banker automate two use cases namely:

– User Creation

– Role Assignment for New Joiner


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