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Design Evo – Create Online Company Logo In a Breeze

In this article, you will see how to create a custom logo Online Company Logo using one of the best online logo makers that the network makes available to us. I’m talking about DesignEvo, an excellent web-based program that allows you to create a company logo that represents your brand in a very simple and intuitive way.

How to create a free Online Company Logo?

Choose Favorite Templates

Online Company Logo

First, open your favorite browser and go to this address. Then click on “make a free logo” button placed at the center of the screen. You will find yourself in the heart of the program where you will be shown some of the most popular logos that you can customize to your liking. There are different categories of logos and also an internal search engine that allows you to search for the template that best fits your needs.

Customize the logo

Customize logo

Personalization is very simple. The first thing you need to do is enter the name of your brand and the slogan. Then you can set up the layout by placing the elements in four positions: above, below, right and left.

Now you have to set the resolution, which is the final size of the logo you’re going to create. If you need it for a site, I suggest you use a resolution of 500 x 250 pixels (rectangular layout, ideal for websites), while if you need to create a business card, I recommend a 500 x 500 px collection with the logo placed high above the brand name.

If you are going to use the logo on a shirt, you will need to get a very high resolution, at least 5000 pixels because this resolution is 42 cm. If you can not do the calculation from pixel to cm, you can use this tool Online Company Logo

To create a logo, in addition to the predefined templates, there is a vast archive of icons grouped by categories, thanks to which you can build a highly customized image.

Choose the right font

Save logo

Thanks to DesignEvo you can change the font as you like. In fact, you have so many choices. There are more than 120 fonts and surely you will find the right one to give a touch of class to your logo.

Fonts are bunched up in 5 families:

Modern (sans)
Traditional (serif)

You can choose the style of the brand name and the slogan with 20 predefined patterns, and you can also create a color to your liking thanks to the color table. You can not apply gradients, but you can use shadows and outlines to emphasize the writing.

Find the right size

Logo Through Grid

The beauty of this Online Company Logo tool is that it is really very simple to use. All you have to do is select the elements with the mouse to enlarge or reduce them until you reach the desired size.

Save the logo

Once you’ve built your beautiful logo, it’s time to save it.

To do this, you have three options.

The free plan allows you to save the file with a maximum resolution of 500 x 500 px.

The basic plan allows you to save the file with a maximum resolution of 5000 x 5000 px. You can also have a PNG file with transparent background, ready to print on T-shirts and you can edit the file anytime you want.

The plus plan has all the features of the Basic plan and also allows you to get vector PDF and SVG files (very useful if you have to greatly enlarge the file because you do not lose the quality) and supports for copyright ownership.

DesignEvo is a fast and simple to use logo maker that enables everyone to master the art of logo creation like a breeze. You only need to have a browser on your computer and a network connection to use it.

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