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The Importance of Real Dating Experience vs Online Dating Experience

With the growing popularity of dating apps like Tinder, Bumble, Match and many more, the traditional way of dating has been declining.  However, we do not think it is entirely dead. Let’s discuss pros and cons of traditional dating versus online one.

Accordingly to the surveys, 1 in 5 Americans have tried online dating. With all the variety of dating websites, it is becoming so fast and easy to find partner! However, it is a crowded digital marketplace and dating experience can be exhausting and tiresome. Moreover, because applicants on the dating websites have minimum screening procedures, you cannot really check if the information written is true or not. Woman tend to lie about their age, height and profession. While men can tell a lie about their income and marital status. Thus, dating online can become even dangerous, because literally you do not know who is behind the screen. On the contrary, of course, there are people who share their  happy stories when they found the love of their life on a dating platform.

Traditional dating experience is far more older and definitely more romantic! You can faster understand if there is a chemistry between both of you! You probably do not need to worry who the person is because most likely you have already met at college, at work or within some known circles. However, traditional dating approach may not work for those who are shy and are afraid to express their feelings. It is might be hard express feelings for some people and if they want something more than friendship. In that case, a newly and unique application has come out. Eureka dating App! No, it is not a new Tinder, it is designed for those who still prefer traditional way of dating but are hesitant to open up. Suppose, you like your college friend, but you do not know how to tell him/her about your feelings? We have one little help for you – download Eureka Love application on your smartphone. Invite your crush to join the app via secret email invitation. Wait until he/she joins the app. Once you see your crush in your friends list, put a “Heart” sign in front of his/her name and hope that  your crush will like you back. Do not worry about your feelings, because you will both get notifications and can continue to have a private chat only if your feelings are mutual! Thus, your feelings will be kept secret unless you both like each other.

At the end, if you’re serious about meeting someone special, you must include a combination of both online and offline dating in your routine. The goal is anyway to have the relationship offline.  A happy and a productive one!

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