Male fertility

What The World would Be Like If Male fertility Didn’t Exist

5 Ways To lower Infertility in Men

  1. What exactly is Male Fertility?

The first and foremost desire after getting married to most of the couples is making a baby. Normally it is easier for both to conceive a baby. But it can get complicated if both or just one partner is having problems to conceive. In the next few minutes, you will be reading the most important information of your life about (Male fertility) infertility and fertility. The most common weakness that every Man has to face in his life is a sexual weakness. It’s not a myth, it’s just a mystery created by doctors and pharmaceutical companies to raise their profit. Yes, it is a problem faced by everyone in three couples but it is preventable. Sometimes infertility isn’t preventable and can be something you can gain no control over. Despite this, there are some life changes you can make which can help you prevent low sperm motility problems later in life.

We’ve made a list of some of the things you can do in a concise and easy to read the list in the hope that it can give you clear advice on what to do more and avoid to prevent your infertility chances as a man.

  1. Make Sure You Take Control of Your Diet &Exercise Often

Male fertility

Having a well-balanced diet affects all elements of the body greatly in any man, and preventing infertility is no different. Mostly junk foods and unnatural and un-organic foods can lead to infertility.  It’s important that you get a well-balanced diet with a lot of nutritional support whether it’s in the form of fresh fruit and vegetables or multivitamin tablets (always ask your doctor for advice on what’s best for you).

Here is a list of foods and supplements that are highly recommended by the specialist and are proved helpful for Male Fertility.

  • D-aspartic acid (D-AA). It is proven that taking D-aspartic acid (D-AA) 2.34 grams daily for 90 days helps increase sperm rates 31 to 62 percent.
  • Vitamin C. as we all know vitamin c is an antioxidant that is highly recommended to increase semen quality. It is almost the most easily available antioxidant.       
  • Vitamin D. vitamin D is a complete package to increase your testosterone levels. Adding to those high levels of Vitamin D increase motility rates in
  • Tribulus root. Tribulus root is a herb often used and proved to be helpful for improving sperm quality and erectile dysfunction.
  • Get the proper quantity of Zink. Zink is a mineral found in animal foods such as fish, meat, and eggs.

One thing to note is that excessive exercise has also been linked to a decrease in the production of sperm; it’s all about getting a healthy balance so cut down a little if you are working out too much. Being overweight doesn’t help either, with larger men often suffering from hormonal changes that research shows reduce Male fertility sperm count.

  1. Avoid Drugs & Excessive Drinking

Male fertility

Fertility can be affected by the use of recreational drugs and alcohol as they are linked to having a lower sperm count. If you want to make sure that you have no problems later in life trying to have a baby with your partner, you should make sure that you tackle any drug and drink problems that you may have.

  1. Keep the Laptop Away From Your Lap

Male fertilitys

We’ve all done it, with the accessibility of today’s modern laptops, it’s easy to get away from the desk environment and situate yourself with the laptop on your lap whilst sitting on the sofa.

A prominent medical journal, ‘Fertility and Sterility’, recorded a study in which they state the effect that a Wi-Fi connection had on Male fertility infertility when on a man’s lap for prolonged periods of time.

  1. Make Sure You Get More Sleep

Sleep does nothing but good for health, with research supporting the idea that it can help men suffering from depression to obesity.If you are a man having sensitive issues with fertility, you should seek help with a Male fertility infertility expert to get more clarity.

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