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Writing a will is a great way to ensure your belongings, property, assets, and possessions are distributed as per your choice.

Writing a will is a great way to ensure your belongings, property, assets, and possessions are distributed as per your choice. But it is very easy to forget to create the one and push it down in your to-do list. In a study by in 2019, it came out that 76% of adults think that will is important, while only 40% have one.

Creating a will can be dramatically difficult, but it has to be cost-effective and less time-consuming. Online will writing can answer all those problems people face during the manual will writing process. In addition, the estate planning attorney and founder of the law practice Canarick & Canarick in Wall, New Jersey, Michael Canarick, also said that wills created using online software are generally going to be valid as long as they are executed properly.

It is a common belief that wills are only for the elderly or wealthy, but it is not true at all. You should consider having a will if you are above 18, own property, have a career and savings, or have children or other dependents. If you also fall into any of the categories mentioned above, you must write and prepare a will as soon as possible. You should understand the whole process, prepare the exact details of your finances, and think for the future.

Important steps to follow while writing a will online:

1: Taking the inventory of your assets

Avoid missing any of your belongings, and curate a list of all of your assets. First, include all the financial items such as money in checking, investment, and saving accounts and also in bonds and stocks. Then, add your property, like the land you own, house, rental estate, vehicles, and boats, etc. Next, include jewelry in any form of metal, like gold or silver, to your list. Then, take note of artwork, furniture, family heirlooms, or valuable collections. Also, add your business if you have any that you want to pass on to your heirs. In the end, do not miss including your insurance policies, loans, and mortgages because that can be used to pay off debts if you leave behind any. Asking a best Will Writing company in Singapore can help, and we advise you to choose Noble Wills.

2: Select beneficiaries

You can add a spouse, child, sibling, relative, or friend to your beneficiary list. You will have the choice to decide if you want to give everything to one person or a portion of everything for each you list in your will. Take into account that you can also select an organization as your beneficiary, such as a trust, charity, non-profit, or church. In simple words, you can choose anyone as a beneficiary except the witness.

Some financial accounts may already have beneficiaries or nominees added, such as bank accounts and insurance policies. So, keep in mind to select the same beneficiary for a financial account when you have purchased the plan or opened the account.

In case when you leave your assets to a minor, make sure you must set up a trust and name a trustee to manage everything well after you until your beneficiary reaches adult age.

3: Choose an executor

An executor is important to oversee the distribution of your movable-immovable assets, property, money, and everything that you included while online will writing. The executor also takes care of your estate inventory, pays bills or debts, and taxes you leave behind. He also files income taxes for your property on a regular basis. Therefore, it is advisable to choose a trustworthy person for the role of your executor. Here is a query to help you:

Whom should I choose as an executor?

Choosing a trustable person as an executor for your will is a good practice. You can ask a loved one or a friend that you trust. In case you need a professional for this role, consider choosing a bank or attorneys that do wills. They will surely charge something for their service, but your work will be done on a professional base.

4: Choose the best site

Consider choosing a reliable online will writing website that provides a variety of services without any hassle. Selecting the right platform can be difficult and need some research. Noble Wills is a leading and best online will writing services provider in the industry right now and provides a lot of services to save you valuable time and money. Their prices are cost-effective, and the process is really simple. You can visit Noble Wills’s easy-to-navigate website and gather more information on the services they provide to the customer in comfort. You can also talk to them for information on the will regulations of your area and other updates.

5: Choose a safe place to put your will

After completing writing your will online, the next step is to printing your will and signing it in the presence of a witness to make it valid. In addition, you can create an electronic copy and save it online. This can help your family members or loved ones to access your will virtually from any corner of the world. For a best practice, you can share a printed copy of your will with your will writing service in Singapore or the other place they are situated.

Now, choose the best place to put your original will at. This can be a secure spot such as a lockbox or safe. Next, share the information about this place with your trusted person, such as a spouse, relative, or friend, and how to access it.

The Wrap

With digitizing, people are utilizing technology to adopt new solutions that save time and money and make complex processes much easier. With their revolutionary vision, Noble Wills is here to help you take advantage of their online will writing services in America, Singapore, and the world. Planning a family’s future with Noble Wills has been beneficial for many across the globe, and their professional will-writing plans are affordable for everyone. Visit their website to get a professional quote and estate planning bundle custom-curated for you.


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