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How Can Outsourced Call Centers Reduce Customer Churn?

Simply put, there are two ways to reduce customer churn- know why the customers are leaving and make changes accordingly Outsourced Call Centers so that the customers stay.

Probably, you will hardly find a company that has no customer churn. It is what every company has to deal with. Not sometimes but every other time. For those of you who don’t know much and are wondering what customer churn exactly is, here’s a simple explanation to it-

A customer churn rate is the rate of customers cancelling service, not renewing the services, closing an account, or aren’t purchasing. All this contributes to a higher customer churn which affects the revenues of the business adversely. Not just this, a higher customer churn also indicates that there are certain loopholes in the product or service that the company is providing or in the customer support of the company.

To reduce the churn you would need clear communication the most. Doing so isn’t possible internally but through outsourcing it is. The outsourced call centres are known for their proficiency. They are known for increasing the customer satisfaction rate phenomenally. The agents of these Outsourced Call Centers know ways to tackle various kinds of customers. Managing inbound calls and outbound calls is what they do daily. These agents have the persuasion skills and other necessary traits as well.

So, let’s look at how call centre outsourcing can help your company in reducing the customer churn and increasing profits.

  • By Staying Proactive Outsourced Call Centers

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Mostly the customers are reluctant to initiate a conversation. Calling the customer support of the company seems like a lot of burden to them. There might be many reasons for the same. They think that they will get no solution or that the call will consume a lot of their time. No matter what the reason is, there is a solution. The outsourced call centres take surveys or the feedback after every month or five, six months. This helps you in identifying the customer s that are not happy with the services or products of your company. The Outsourced Call Centers even before the issue get worse call these persons and solve their problem. This makes the dissatisfied customer happy. This increases the customer loyalty.

  • By Making Sharing Feedback Easy

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The Outsourced Call Centers make it easier for the customers to share their feedback. They stay active on all the social media platforms on your behalf and not just over the telephone. For instance, Dominos, most of you, we keep ordering pizza from there and each time we do, they send us a link in the message to rate them and give them some remarks. This is a good way to know how satisfied the customers are with your services and products. Apart from this, because the customers don’t like calling customer support much, the Outsourced Call Centers agents mark the presence on your behalf. The option of live chat on the website or on social media sites makes it easier for the customers to drop a message there. This increased convenience removes the reluctance of the customers and they start sharing their feedback and problems with you.

  • By Making Your Customers Feel Important

Important Customers

You work hard on your product so that you attract more and more customers but do strive to make the ones who use your product already important?

Outsourced Call Centers can help you in doing this. There are various ways that they deploy to keep your customers happy. They send emails, offer incentives just to make your presence felt. They also act on the feedback of your customers immediately. Also, if not anything a simple mail thanking your existing customers to stick around goes a long way.

So, just remember that customer churn is something that you need to pay special attention to if you want to see your business grow. Outsourcing the back- end processes to a reliant and efficient call centre is the best to reduce customer churn. So, if your company is experiencing high customer churn, outsource the tasks today and see the change.

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