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Tips to Pick the Perfect Party Outfit for Any Body Shape

We all want to look and feel good. The social gatherings these days necessitate that nothing is left to chance when it comes to our outward appearance. You can either dress up to stand out from the crowd or simply because it makes you feel happy. However, you don’t have that choice every time. There will be occasions when you have to dress to perfection so that you can leave a good impression. It not only helps you boost your self-confidence but also makes people take you seriously.

So wondering how to dress perfectly with minimal effort? No need to spend hours of your precious time trying to dissect the proverbial dress code. In this article, we will tell you how to find the Latest Party Wear Western Dresses that will suit your body type and complement your personality. Read on to learn more!

Apple-shaped body

This type of body has a fuller upper part, which means your bust is larger than your waist and hips. If you want to highlight the right parts of your body and accentuate your good features, then look for empire waistline that defines your waist and streamlines the figure. Look for shift dresses, wrap dresses, skater, A-line, peplum, trapeze, and high waist clothing.

Inverted triangle body

Inverted triangle body is when your shoulders are wider than your hips and waistline. The best dresses that works best this body shape is one-shoulder pieces, strapless dresses that accentuate your wide shoulders, or V-neck style.

Hourglass shape body

This is the most coveted type of body these days. A full bust and full hips with a tiny waist is a dream figure that every woman tries to achieve. These ladies can sport almost anything and kill the look. However, the styles that work best for these bodies include pencil dress, wrap, bodycon, dresses with belts, A-line, scoop necklines etc. Find a dress that ends slightly below the knees that highlights the curves in the right way.

Banana shape body

Banana shape body type is a lean figure with shapeless bust and hips. While these body types can sport any dress, they look best in A-line, pencil dresses/skirts, peplum, and bold block colours that define their frame. Look delicately feminine and luxuriously stylish by choosing the right outfit from these options.

Pear shape body

If you have full hips, slightly bigger than your waist and bust, then your body is called a pear-shape. The most famous pear-shaped celebrity is Kim Kardashian. If you closely look at their dressing style, then you will notice that their stylists make them wear clothes that aim to make their upper part match with their hips. To achieve that look, you should look for dresses with shoulder pads, ruffles, tulip skirt, A-line etc. These styles accentuate the right curves and bring out your best features to make you look stunning.

Rectangle shape body

Also known as sporty figure, this type of body shape is athletic and is considered to be the most desirable. Women with a rectangle shape can carry any type of clothing with élan. However, you should look for something that defines the waistline and gives shape to your body. Look for dresses that have sweetheart necklines, cinched fabric, pencil dresses with a side slit etc. Some of the famous celebrities with rectangle body shape include Natalie Portman and Cameron Diaz. If you are feeling lost and unable to find the right dress that will suit the body type and the occasion, then feel free to take style inspiration from these ladies!

Spoon shape

This body shape is somewhat similar to a pear but with a more defined upper hip. What you get, as a result, is a spoon shaped body. Spoon shaped dresses include outfits with ruffled upper parts and pencil style. These outfits create a more balanced look by giving a consistent shape to your body. ,

Diamond shape

A diamond-shaped body means wider waist than your hips, shoulders, and breasts. Therefore, your objective should be to add more definition to your waist. Look for styles that cinch the waist. An off-shoulder or V-neck dress complements this type of figure perfectly and makes you look beautiful.

Now that you know what types of dresses correspond to the right body type, now all you need to know is your own shape so that you can pick the right styles. If you are not sure about your shape, then pull out a measuring tape and measure your waist, shoulders, hips, and waist. Align these measurements with the body type description to know the category you fall into. You can also take help from professional seamstress to tell you your body type.

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