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[7 Richest] SMTP Service Providers for Sending Bulk Emails In 2020

Sending messages is not fade out from the marketing list! But, the ancient method and trick sure being fade out due to the inception of smart messages concept. 

As technology shifting so rapidly, the method and tricks for sending bulk SMS/Emails have also changed. 

Did you hear about Chatbot’s message? No! It’s being called a new revolutionary. 

Well, looking for the right and best bulk email service provider isn’t so difficult. But, in case you didn’t have an idea or where to ask for. 

Read this article to find the top seven richest SMTP service providers for sending bulk emails in 2020.

Here it go…!

  1. SendinBlue
  2. Time4Server
  3. Moosend
  4. MailJet
  5. Pepipost
  6. MailGun
  7. SendGrid

#1. SendinBlue

At number one, SendinBlue is one of the easy to use, compile and robust email marketing service platforms best known for sending transactional and marketing emails. 

Founded in 2010, they become experts and have niche engineers always helping to enhance and expand SendinBlue services with great care. 

#2. Time4Server

If you are looking for something unique and out of the box then Time4Server is the only email service provider in India that offers complete, robust, and enrapture mailing services with a strong hosting server, complete mailing server, and high-end SMTP server for email marketing or campaign. 

Time4Server SMTP Server easily integrates with any system. They provide an easy interface that helps you to change and update your configuration using the high-end SMTP server.  You may use your API Key or Secret Key to authenticate with your credentials.

Check features, reviews, the company about us, teams, testimonials, and more on their website. 

#3. Moosend

Moosend is formerly known for all-in-one marketing platform for business verticals. Their niche platform versed with great email marketing service, marketing automation, eCommerce AI, Landing Pages, and more drastic services. 

They are also core leaders in providing SMTP mailing servers with all the marketing benefits that can minus your coding featuring drag and drop email editor, A/B testing, Data Analytics, List Segmentation, and much more. 

#4. MailJet

MailJet is an extra-ordinary bulk email service provider with robust delivery infrastructure and easy to set up functions that help you send your emails faster. They are a one-roof email service provider that takes care of your marketing solution to the White label solution. 

You have fab options like monitor your email metrics, control over alerts and deliveries, robust and scalable infrastructure. 

#5. Pepipost

Want more! Pepipost is another useful tool for sending bulk emails in a second. They provider two of its most dedicated platform to organize, monitor, and optimize your emails via SMTP or Web AI. 

Their tool consists of a simple option mechanism, easy functions, and loving features which help you to send messages reaches to the inbox of the receipt at ease.

#6. MailGun

If you’re politely looking for email automation or a dedicated SMTP email server for bulk mailing, MailGun is the best opt-in tool offered by Rackspace. Right from keeping records of mailing, tracking, and optimizing, it is the best tool to recommend for. 

#7. SendGrid

At last, we have a cloud-based SMTP service provider for bulk email. If you’re making deed efforts on your marketing, make it more count with SendGrid email servers that focus to optimize your mail at ease. 

With them, you have the option to send promotional emails, transactional emails, and much more without worrying about email servers.

Summing Up

Well, these are the top richest bulk email providers in India operate from different region and carter services for everyone either through cloud system or API channels. All of them are well players in their respective arena. So, you can opt for any provider for your solution.

But always remember before selecting any of them, don’t forget to check SMTP server plans and hosting services that help you to select the right one and can make your marketing campaign better. 

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