Pillow Boxes

Role Of Pillow Boxes In Different Industries

There are many types of packaging which are used for different purposes. These boxes are either stylish or secured.

There are many types of packaging which are used for different purposes. These boxes are either stylish or secured. Pillow boxes one of the boxes which are stylish and secured at the same time. Pillow boxes come in different sizes, designs and customization. The edges of Pillow packaging helps in securing the product from chip or damaging while the mid or the wider part can easily hold a product. There is a vast variety of pillow boxes from big corrugated boxes to small favor pillow boxes which can hold good amount of things in it and giving an elegant look. There are various purposes to buy pillow boxes and there are various options which offer these boxes.

Types of pillow boxes:

Eco-friendly pillow boxes: The boxes are recyclable because they are made up of paper or cardboard stuff. Eco-friendly boxes can be reused for packaging as they are lightweight but strong to hold for long. The corners of the boxes are helpful in protecting things from damage. 

Corrugated Pillow box: These pillow boxes are made up of double or triple layer corrugated sheets. Their boxes are food for small delicate products. These boxes are also helpful for shipments as the corrugated boxes ca prevent things from breakage these boxes are also good to place the product on distance because of its corners or the edges which maintain a good space from the middle part that actually contains the product.

Clear Window Cut: These types of customization in pillow boxes are good for decorating, nice presentation, or giving gifts. The boxes will remain with the same shape but the size and the design of the window cut can be changed. There are online package providers who offer custom pillow boxes. Window cut boxes are not for shipments because they need to be delicately handled but they are good for displaying products.

Kraft Pillow Box: These boxes are used in parties or small occasions or when you need a large number of boxes. These boxes come in the cut sheet which is foldable into the shape once reached their destination. These boxes hold less space during shipment that’s why ordering a larger amount can reduce the cost a bit.

Pillow box with Strap: They are the simple pillow boxes which come with a strap to handle it. These boxes can also contain other characteristics of pillow boxes like corrugated material, Kraft cut sheets or having a window. According to its additional characteristics the purpose of this style of pillow box can be defined.

Cardboard Pillow Box: These boxes are good for giving gifts and holding lightweight products.  These boxes re made up of light material and good for display. These boxes could be recyclable depending on the manufacturers. But they are reusable if handled nicely.

Industrial uses: These boxes are not famous with in local retailers but also demanded by some big industries. Due to its unique shape, material and customization options, pillow boxes are chosen for company works 

Medical: White pillow boxes demanded in health care and medical departments. They are used for holding medicines and some medical tools because of their broader shape and safe designs. They are also used in transportation of small medical equipments. Pillow packaging is good to hold medical creams, bandages, scissors and similar stuff. 

Food: Food needs protection from spilling and pressing during travels. Food industries consider these packaging with custom material addition like aluminum foil coated inside the box. The material and the shape secure the food from weather effects and it is widely used for distribution and placement of food products.

Cosmetics: Similar to food and medicine, cosmetic can be affected through weather change. Additionally, these boxes are attractive and good-looking. Not only in wholesale, these boxes are common in retail market. Retailers of cosmetic often sell the product with brand name or logo printed bags. The strapped pillow box is a good alternate of plastic bags and even they look more elegant than the usual paper or cardboard bags.

Occasions and events: These good looking boxes are used for putting candies, chocolates, small toys and treats on various occasions whether it’s a birthday party or a wedding. These boxes are useful for adding charm to any event. The boxes are also helpful with kids gathering as they are available in smaller sizes and good space. Pillow favor boxes wholesale is offered by many online stores where you can ask for customization of your choice like color, size, prints, and texts.


There are various choices of pillow boxes that can be chosen according to event, occasion, purpose, and material. There are also many customization styles to make the packaging more attractive and elegant like-colored pillow gift boxes are good for any occasion. But the question arises is where to buy pillow boxes? Don’t worry; there are many online stores in different regions like Uline, Amazon, Refine Packaging, Paper Mart and etc who offer custom pillow boxes at very reliable prices.

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