Poor Sleep Can Ruin Your Metabolism

How Poor Sleep Can Ruin Your Metabolism

fitness Metabolism refers to the different reactions that occur in the body of the living organisms. These set of reactions are very important to sustain life and for the living organisms to survive. A very basic purpose of the metabolic reactions are to break down the food and to convert it into energy which is very useful for doing different life activities.

The metabolic rate is the rate at which these different reactions occur. Weight loss is something that is highly dependent upon the metabolic reactions and therefore it is convenient to say that if the metabolic rate is increased, the rate of weight loss is also increased.

How is Fitness And Metabolism Related:


The basic aim of every fitness enthusiast and every fitness freak is to increase the metabolic rate. Once the metabolic rate is increased, the weight loss is multiplied by many times. Basically, metabolism is all about burning your food into energy which means making your calories into the energy which will be useful in utilization for the different body functions.

Fitness basically means keeping the body fit and on weight that is ideal for one’s body. Therefore, when the calories are burnt, the body’s fat is burnt. Burning the body’s fat will help maintain the body’s fitness. Therefore, metabolism and fitness have a very deep relation with one another.

How Does Poor Sleep Affect The Fitness And Metabolism Of A Human:

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Another factor which effects the fitness and metabolism of a human is sleep. This thing might be very surprising for some people because nobody realizes how not taking the proper sleep and not sleeping for the proper hours can affect the fitness of a human.

Nobody wants to stay unfit in their lives. People want to be fit and want to stay away from all the dangerous diseases and illnesses that they might get due to the unhealthy diet and due to being obese. Therefore, every person who wants to lose weight, does all they can for it. And those people are well aware with the fact of how poor sleep can affect fitness. Basically, a person who is sleep deprived cannot lose their weight as effectively as they can if they get the proper sleep hours. Less sleep secretes an enzyme accountable for the increase of weight, therefore, one must sleep enough in order to stay healthy and fit.

BMR Calculator:

This BMR calculator is highly helpful if one wants to lose or to maintain weight. This calculator is a must and is an initial start up step of weight loss. One can calculate their basal metabolic rate through this calculator and know their present BMR  which is super helpful. The BMR calculator just requires some very basic information, such as age, height, the activity rate, and etc. this calculator also requires gender of the person who is calculating the Basal metabolic rate.

This is the most easy and helpful calculator that one can find to calculate their BMR.

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