Purposes Of Black Sclera lenses. Are They Different From Other Decorative Lenses?

Purposes Of Black Sclera lenses. Are They Different From Other Decorative Lenses?

Do you think that black sclera lenses would affect vision or not? You might ask yourself, “will I be able to see properly or not?” then you don't need to worry about that because wearing black sclera lenses does not affect your eyesight or cause you any harm.

It is a win-win situation for you because they are unlike other decorative lenses that may cause you harm. But do you know how they work or what they can do? Let us dig into it!

What are black sclera lenses?

Black sclera lenses are 22mm, entirely covering the iris, and the sclera makes the whole eye black. It is used for extreme transformations. These lenses are not for daily use but for occasional use. It is a custom-styled lens made more professionally through a special tinting process, creating a spooky and supernatural vibe.

Are there any advantages of these lenses?

Sclera lenses are of large size, making them more stable and comfortable than regular lenses, which reduces the risk of your contact accidentally dislodging, which means they won't move around and cause irritation. 

They are made of material that is gas permeable and a fluid pouch that helps maintain the health of your vision. It can provide you with a wide coverage of visual and fixed placement.

Black sclera lenses for Halloween!

Once you put the black sclera lenses in your eye, you will never see yourself the same way! Have you seen all those spooky movies when the scary character appears, and we freak out? You will also look like you are stepping out of a horror movie.

You just have to decide on your spooky unique dress and insert black sclera lenses in your eyes to see the wonders it can do to your whole costume. Whether the character of a witch or a vampire who can read minds, these lenses can go with almost every spooky outfit. 

Do and don’ts of black scleral lenses.

Abusing your scleral lenses can lead to inflammation, infections, discomfort, and the inability to wear them until the damage is corrected, and sometimes, it may lead to loss of vision. So these lenses are like other contact lenses which need care.

Black scleral lenses are wearable for 16 hours a day. Wearing them for longer or more than 16 hours can irritate the eyes. You can't sleep with these lenses on. Specialists recommend that sleeping them on can cause the tear layer behind the lens to become stagnant, which causes infection.

You should clean your scleral lenses daily. Every type of contact lens has different solutions given. Clean your lenses with a solution and not any other or tap water. Don't swim with scleral lenses on because the water you are jumping into contains loads of bacteria that can stick to your lens and cause risk.

Cap them properly in the container so that any dust can’t go and stick to your lenses because dust particles can irritate your eye.

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