Transport Industry

Radical Changes Faced by the Transport Industry

Explore how radical changes can faced in ground transportation business

As the population is increasing in the world the demands are increased. It is not so easy to fulfill the demand of all the people in the world. Different people have different transportation demands such as the car, bus, railways, airways, taxi’s, etc. The new technologies are being developed to fulfill the demand of the growing population. This developing era leads the development in mobile technologies, transport technologies and much more. Many mobile technologies have been introduced which provide the benefit to the transport industry.

The people used to travel through the horse cart, bullock cart, and buggies in the 1600s. Later the taxi industries were introduced in the U.S and other counties in the 1800s for fulfilling the demand of the growing population. There is a huge competition in the taxi industry and the transportation industries. The demand is quite unbeatable regarding financial crises, difficult political situations and much more.

The Rise in On-Demand Transportation

On-Demand Transportation

Nowadays if the user doesn’t have a car they can book a cab for the transportation purpose. Many people often ride on a bus to reach the destination. So it gave rise to on-demand transportation. For example, the user can visit and request for a taxi “without whistling, or waving,” for the taxi at local taxi stands. The customer can book the cab for their journey with the help of the application, which will provide the location of the user to the driver who will pick up them in a private car or an SUV. Sidecar is another growing car-sharing service that works just like a taxi. This service doesn’t require the user to drive but the user often has to share a ride with someone else, which reduces the cost of the trip for the user.

Smartphones and the Taxi Industry

Smartphones and the Taxi Servis

The growth of smartphones and applications have revolutionized the taxi industry further. The smartphones are making life easier for its users. Different applications are supported by smartphones. The user can book a cab for traveling to any destination with the help of the application present in their smartphone. The customer can book the cab for traveling within the city or outside of it with just single click on the smartphone.

The customers can now easily get an advanced application for taxi booking with uber clone app introduced as Eber for Android and IOS platforms. This application works on real-time and has integrated mobile payment feature which ensures that the payment for signed up drivers is taken care of automatically. These mobile applications come with passenger application through which the users can book the taxi and the user can also track the cabs and the driver application through which the drivers can accept or reject the requests for taxi booking from the customer.

Passenger Application

Passenger Application

The customer can register with the application and can get the login id and password. After the registration process gets completed the customer can log in to the application. To have the ride from any of the location the customer requires the login id and password. The user has multiple language options to select their preferred language. After the login process is completed the user can set the location where they want to go. The user can set the location on the map and can book the ride as per their convenience. The customer can pay for the ride by different payment options provided by the application. The customer can even book the taxi later by selecting the option of now or later ride.

Driver Application

The driver can create their profile on the application. The driver can get the request of the ride from the customer. Drivers have an option of accepting or rejecting a request as per their choice. The driver can accept the request if they want to complete the trip and even can reject the trip requests if they are not free. The driver can see their earnings report on daily, weekly and monthly base. The driver can also get the details of the trip and riders with date and time. The driver can know that from which rider they got how much amount of money and from which payment gateway. The driver can also have invoice details in which they can see all the details related to the trip like what was the total distance and how much time it took to travel.

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