Online Test Proctoring Services

What is with Online Proctoring that Makes it the Special One?

The words ‘Upgrade’ and ‘Update’ perhaps are the ones that has gained maximum momentum in the past decade. We are upgrading and updating by the speed of light. While, the example might be too much a liberal use of hyperbole, no one can negate the charm for getting a better version every passing minute.

When it comes to education, tests, and the world is just like any other – its evolving and the concept of online proctoring services is not new to anyone’s comprehension. And talking about tests, proctoring is an integral and rudimentary part of it. The traditional way of proctoring went with the examiners getting in touch with a suitable prospect for proctoring. Needless to say the person here should have unfailing integrity. A bishop, a local body officer or professor are some of the examples. Now, you need to set a mutually convenient time. And it always is the proctor’s time that counts.

So, the student’s time and convenience is a mythical conception?

The very concept of “Click and Go” in online test proctoring services means respect for student’s time without any inconvenience to the relevant authority. So, the student clicks on the test in a convenient time, from a convenient place and voila the test is all jet-set and ready. The transcript is then stored, with backups and the final proctor, who is pretty much a human gives the final nod at a time that is convenient.

Online Test Proctoring Services

The above stated scenario is a win-win.

You enter the test center, there are a lot of checks. And you are pretty sure that when proctors are taking their time in the process, it should be flawless. But is it? Most of the best online proctoring services rely on AI. They go through verification parameters fast and in a rather error-free manner. And since we were talking about time, it sure is one time-saving exercise.

But, then humans learn and experience makes the proctor better.

And experience makes machine learning sharper. When online proctoring services bring the AI mix tape in their assorted collection of things that sound music to your ears, they bring a system that gets better with every test. They learn student patterns, the auxiliaries that they need, limitations and many more.

Online Test Proctoring Services

So, be it a log table, calculator or a water break, your online proctor understands it all.

What can be the worst nightmare while going for online proctor? A software lapse. All your answers gone and they will never come back. The solution lies with the best online proctoring services which, run multiple beta versions. The UI and UX lies fail safe and there is a ready online assistance that helps you, just in case. The best part is that the answers are saved, with cloud back up and Meta data that saves your answers. As we were talking about upgrades, this one sure is one!

Reliable, objective and secure these are some of the words that you need to know about online proctoring services that make a significant part of student life convenient.

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