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Reasons to Choose Android Application Development

Here we have the reasons why choosing android application development over others is a better choice

Android is one of the most widely used operating systems, and its market is not only large but is continuously increasing day by day. Not only is this, but, there is also an increase in the demand for an experienced android application development company in the market with an increase in android mobile application development. Companies nowadays are looking for teams that have full power to work on this dynamic operating system.

There are multiple platforms present in the market to choose for mobile application development, but users selecting android application development over others has been seen recently. When talking about mobile application development platforms, there are two big tech giants that we consider and those are Android (Google) and iOS (Apple). Talks are doing rounds regarding which is the best platform, especially for business owners. It is important to know why businesses should go for android application development than other famous options already present in the market.

Here we have the reasons why choosing android application development over others is a better choice:

Open source

Android carries an open source nature, that is easily accessible by mobile manufacturers to be used in their phones and even the code for Android is free and can be used by any phone manufacturer. This makes the market of Android device much bigger after which Android also surpassed iOS, Blackberry and Windows in the run for having maximum users! It is also said that more than 80% of the world’s smartphones work on Android.

Open source Application Development


The Android operating system has become famous and successful because of its accessibility. This application development is easy to achieve by programmers having the knowledge of Java and Android SDK tool. With these tools, some of the most innovative applications can be made easily. All android application development company assure to provide developers having skilled knowledge of Java and Android SDK tool.

Bigger marketplace

Considering android applications over others is again important because it has a considerably bigger marketplace than others. Google Play store is the largest marketplace and there are millions of downloads taking place every day on this platform.



Using Java programming language for Android application development makes it easy for the native android application to be ported to the OS of other systems like Blackberry, Symbian etc. Not only this, considering android apps is more important because it can easily be ported to Chrome OS as well.


Despite having a huge marketplace, Android can also be installed from other sources making it very flexible in nature. With this facility, applications can be tested easily.

Flexible Development

Lower entry barrier

Android development is much flexible than the other competitors like iOS. Developers in India who want to develop in Android just need to register themselves as a developer on the Android market. After it, the APK is to be submitted to Android and the cost of registration for Indians is $25. The entry barrier for Android is much lower than iOS and other application development. This makes it easier and hassle-free to work on.


Generally, it’s thinking that iPhone users are likely to spend more on applications but with time, Android applications are found much profitable than iOS apps. This shows that its market has increased in terms of profit. Many Android applications come with advertisements too and as far as the ad goes, the developer is paid for it. Advertising cost is also lower on Android which is again a plus point for the users.


Social applications

Android application development is optimized for the social application which maximizes the developer’s revenue by going social. With a wide range of social networks, Android is preferred by business owners and developers who enjoy going social.

Final take:

Android began its exciting journey in 2009 and has been growing ever since then. With the increasing market demand for Android applications, the demand for android application development company has also gradually increased. There are many outsourcing companies in the market providing services for android application development, but selecting the best among all is important. There are numerous reasons that make android applications a far better option than others as we discussed above.

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