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Rekeying VS Changing Locks: What’s Cheaper?

When a house owner loses the keys of his house, most of them will opt for replacing the entire lock system. Well, the house owners do not opt for this option because they think it is a safe bet, but because they think that it is the only option left.

A lot of the owners of the house or workspace have never heard of re-keying a lock. That’s right, most of the people do not know that something like re-keying exists. When it comes to rekeying vs. changing locks; rekeying is not only a time and cost-savvy option but a smart choice too.

Note: If you do not know how the rekeying process works, you don’t need to worry at all. You just need to hire the top emergency locksmith in Sterling and ask them to rekey the lock instead of changing it.

All in all, if you do not have the slightest idea that what it means to rekey the lock or replace the lock, you shouldn’t worry. We’ve compiled all the things that you need to know in this comprehensive article. So, read on until the end, and know the difference between rekeying vs changing locks.

Rekeying The Locks:

The name of the process says it all “REKEYING”. When it comes to rekeying a lock, the professional locksmith will only change the internal mechanism of the lock. Now, your lock will work as it used too but you’ll be needing a new key. The main aim of doing this is to enhance the level of security without compromising it.

In other ways, you are going to keep the old lock, but the key will be new. This is because you are just keeping the body of the existing lock, but in order to operate it, you’ll be needing a new key.

Also, keep in mind between rekeying vs changing locks, rekeying stands to be quite a cost-effective process. This is because a locksmith will only be adjusting and replacing a few parts of the lock that’ll work the best with the new key.

DIY Lock Rekeying

If it is your first time rekeying the locks of the house, you may find it a bit difficult. However, it is not a very complicated process. A lot of the house owners have rekeyed the locks before. All you need is the right set of tools and a lot of patience. Also remember that you need to secure the lock carefully, or else be ready to compromise the security of your house.

Why Rekey A Lock?

Now that you know what rekeying is all about, it is time to know some of the common factors that why rekeying is the most preferred choice between rekeying vs changing locks.

You Get a Better Sense Of Safety

At the point when you totally replace the internal mechanism of your lock and nullify some other key that initially compared with that particular lock, you can increase a more noteworthy feeling of safety.

Indeed, it’s suggested that house owners rekey their locks right when they move in. Rekeying is a time and cost-savvy approach to prevent earlier residents from accessing a home that they do not live in. This will enable the present house owners to have a sense of safety directly off the bat.

It Is Cost-Effective

As we said before, to rekey a lock you need to correct the key pins that can be found in the chamber of the lock. At the point when you contrast that with how much supplanting an entire lockset costs, you’ll see rekeying is quite often more affordable. This settles on it an extraordinary decision for property holders who need to have a sense of safety however don’t have any desire to spend more than they need to.

The Process Is Fast And Easy

An accomplished and solid locksmith will have the option to rekey your lock in a short measure of time and with not many apparatuses. Truth be told, each of the emergency locksmiths in Sterling needs so as to carry out their responsibility is a key decoder, the first key for the lock, a catch instrument, and a spanner.

Cons Of Rekeying

One of the top disadvantage of rekeying the locks is that you’ll get restricted as to how much you can increase the security of the house. As said before, rekeying will only change the internal mechanism of the lock, but it will not give you enhanced security.

Changing The Locks

The fundamental distinction between rekeying vs changing locks is that with supplanting, you’re utilizing a totally new lock. This implies your new lock body will be totally unique. In spite of the fact that this cycle will probably cost you more cash, it can likewise give you more power over what your lock can give you.

Also, the essential motivation behind why replacing the whole lock costs more is that you need to purchase another lock. So the initial step to bolt replacement is picking which lock you’d prefer to install.

There are a few factors that you have to consider when you are purchasing another lock for your home. To begin with, what sort of financial plan would you say you are working with? You additionally need to consider what sorts of inclinations and highlights would you like your lock to give.

After you pick which lock you need to get, you can either get it from your neighborhood tool shop or request it from the best locksmiths in Sterling.

The Benefits of Lock Replacement

As you might’ve speculated, there are a few advantages and disadvantages to supplanting a lock. How about we take a gander at them underneath.


At the point when you’re introducing a lock, you will have full oversight over what sort of security you’re getting. You will get the chance to pick how the lock looks and feels.

Upgrading Security

When you plan on changing the lock, you have a lot of options that will increase the security of the house as well. This option is not available when you rekey the lock.

Where to find Locksmith?

Search out for them on online directories like Yelp, HighFive Listings, Angie’s List etc.

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