Gas Leak Detectors

Know Which Gas Is Required For Your AC

Daily Life Technology is evolving every day and same is true in case of Air Conditioning (AC) technology also. Not only the design and look of AC Gas are changing to make living room in a home more beautiful but also technological upgrade has been taken place for better cooling in energy efficient way with other value-added features.

Every AC unit needs a refrigerant ( Gas) to cool the air. When the coolant leaks, the AC stops generating cold air. AC Gas units have set of coils and compressors inside. The AC compresses the refrigerant gas, making it very hot. When this gas moves through the coils, it cools down to a liquid form. In this form, the cooled refrigerant gas absorbs the heat from the outside air, then pushes the cold air out. It is a constant cycle of hot air in and cold air out that provides comfort in your home and office.

There are multiple types of refrigerant gas used in AC Gas. Some of them are

R-22 – R-22 is most commonly used refrigerant gas in AC Gas. R-22 Refrigerant is slowly being taken off the market as it impacts the environment.

R 410A– R-410A is new refrigerant gas and more environment-friendly than R-22. In new AC Gas models, companies are using R410A as refrigerant gas.

R 32- R-32 is new generation refrigerant gas and is more environment-friendly and energy efficient. This is yet to become popular and only limited AC Gas models are available with R-32 Gas.

So if your AC unit is not cooling than one of the reason may be that refrigerant gas has been leaked or low in level. It is important that the Technician inspecting the AC Gas unit should check this properly and knows about these gas and appropriate gas levels. You should ensure that Technician is refilling with the right type of Gas.

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